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Sandblasting and Powder Coating Machine Package

Includes sandblasting cabinet, electrostatic powder coating gun, powder spray booth and powder curing oven. This package provides the whole processing solution from pretreatment to powder curing.

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Sandblasting and Powder Coating Machine Package

This sandblasting and powder coating machine package is a complete powder coating system, includes CL-1010W water sandblasting cabinet for pretreatment, COLO-191S powder coating gun, COLO-1517 powder spray booth and COLO-1864 powder curing oven for powder coating and curing workpiece, provides long-lasting and durable finish film for various kinds of products.

sandblasting and powder coating machine package

CL-1010W Water Sandblasting Cabinet

wet sandblast cabinet

Water sandblasting is a dustfree process, it works by flow of water not by impact. The water acts as a lubricant between media and workparts, which could avoid media damage on some soft workparts, and to produce a smoother and finer finish.

1. Cabinet body is made of 100% corrosion resistant stainless steel construction. 

2. Compact and simple structure makes it easy to operate and maintain. 

3. The full-width window with a low-voltage screen wiper and washing facility makes a clear visibility. 

4. Built with footswitch to controll the working process much more safely.

5. Special wet blasting gun and boron carbide nozzles perform better. 

Water Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications

Outside Size 1100 * 1500 * 2000 mm
Working Size 1000 * 1000 * 800 mm
Loading Capacity 50-80 kg
Motor 2.2 kw
Air Requirement Flow 0.5-1.1 m3/min
Light  2*18W saving lamps
Blast Gun 1 pc of wet blast gun with 1 boron cabide nozzle (8mm)
Air Consumption for A Gun 0.4-0.8 Mbar
Volume of Abrasive & Water 25 L
Feed Abrasive 4-6 kg
Abrasive : Water
1 : 3
Voltage 380V / 220V (customized)

COLO-191S Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun 191S powder coating machine

COLO-191S electrostatic powder coating gun is box feed type, supports to change color fast. This machine is designed with digital valve control technology, which offers precise powder feed and atomizing adjusting, a consistent and gentle powder output leads to unifrom finish, optimizes powder transfer efficiency and powder coated surfaces. 

Provides 3 pre-set coating modes for flat parts, corners and re-coat jobs, facilitate to switch working mode for requirements during working process. Also allows to create and store 20 personalized programs for powder coating different workparts.

powder coating booth

COLO-1517 Powder Coating Spray Booth 

Powder coating spray booth incorporates high-precision filters and a highly efficient filter cleaning system, interval controlled by automatic pulse-jet device. It is a practical and economic powder recovery system, professional and industrial design of powder coating booth maximizes the efficiency.

1. Built with high-precision filters and powerful extraction fan to capture oversprayed powder precisely.

2. Quick-release type filters are conveniently for simple and fast operation during color change.

3. Removable powder collector on the bottom of booth is used for collecting oversprayed powders.

4. Fan working, filters cleaning and other required parameters could be controlled on the PLC panel. 

5. Booth body is made of powder coated steel, features much more durable and sturdy.

Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Operating dimensions Width1500 * Depth1500 * Height1700mm 
Weight 480kg
Power Supply Electric, 2.2kw
Voltage 380V220V, 50-60Hz (custom voltage as local)
Filters spec Polyester, 3pcs, Size: Dia325*H900 mm
Air consumption 4000m3/h
Fan motor Power 2.2kw

powder coating oven

COLO-1864 Powder Coating Curing Oven 

For curing the workpiece which has been sprayed during the powder coating. When a thermoset powder is exposed to elevated temperature, it begins to melt, flows out, and then chemically reacts to form a higher molecular weight polymer in a network-like structure. 

1. Electric heated powder coating oven features environmental friendly and cost-effective.

2. 100mm rockwool interlayer with galanized wall ensures warm preservation.

3. Air circulation fan provides uniform-temperature chamber, avoids color difference

4. PLC controller for easy setting time and temperature.

5. Two sets of trolley helps a flexible and clean movement of workparts

Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Operating Dimension Width1600 * Depth1400 * Height1800 mm
Overall Dimension Width1900 * Depth2200 * Height1700 mm
Power Supply Electric, 18kw
Voltage/Frequency 110V/220V 50-60Hz (voltage can be custom as local)
Warm-up Time 15-30min (180°C)
Temperature Stability <± 3-5°C
Temperature Max. 250°C
Motor Power 0.75kw
Circulation/Air Flow Vertical, Varaible through holes on the walls
Warranty 12 months

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