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Manual Powder Coating System for Aluminium Profile

-Includes manual powder coating machine, spray booth and oven 
-Suitable for aluminum profile powder coating in manual operation 
-Easy & efficient with COLO's intelligent systems
-Reliable quality and competitive price 
-All standard models, quick delivery, low cost 
-Batch package for small to medium production
  • COLO-191S, COLO-3212, COLO-5219

  • COLO

Powder Coating Package for Aluminium Profile

This powder coating package is ideal for continuous batch production of long length workparts such as aluminum profile, based on manual operation. The system includes pass thru powder coating booth, batch curing ovens and manual powder painting machines.

COLO-191S Powder Coating MachineCOLO-191S Powder Coating Machine

It is the perfect powder coating equipment for all types of powder coatings jobs, from hard to reach areas like wheels and frames to valve covers and even aluminium profiles and metal artwork.

1. Applies the latest digital technology that delivers accurate adjustment of all processing paramters, kv, amperage, powder flow, atomization

2. The precise regulation of the air pressure to the injector allows users always applying right powders for each application that siginificantly saves powders.

3. 3 pre-set application programs: panel coating, corner coaring and recoating, giving easy access to powder coating beginners.

4. Experienced users could create and store 20 kinds of personalized programs which are optimized for their parts and powders.

COLO-3212 Tunnel Powder Coating Booth

COLO-3212 Tunnel Powder Coating Booth 

COLO-S-3212 Tunnel Powder Coating Booth is the best choice for conveyorized coating applications, double working stations allows operators to paint both sides of parts simultaneously. It supports continuous production of long and thin products, such as aluminum profiles, window frame, metal doors, etc.

1. Comes with 3 pcs of cartridge filters and 4kw extraction fan motor powerfully capture oversprayed powder.

2. The filter is quick-release type, simple and fast operation during color change. 

3. A built-in removable powder hopper for collector oversprayed powders.

4. The PLC panel controlls the fan working and filter cleaning. 

5. Powder coated steel boady, durable and sturdy.

Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Model COLO-S-3212
Operating Dimensions Width620 * Depth2920 * Heght1500mm
Overall dimensions Width1200 * Depth3000 * Heght2033mm
Power Supply
220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ
Fan Power
Filter Count
6 pcs, Quick-release Type
Filter Material
Filter Cleaning

COLO-5219 Powder Coating Oven

Top Track Powder Coating Oven

This powder coating oven is designed for curing longer or large workparts in batches. It heats faster using gas or diesel as fuels, and fearures more economical with less energy expense and maintenance cost. The oven is built with durable and high-quality components that never compromise quality and performance.

1. Itatly Riello burner fully burns fuels, quickly reach to required temperature saving time.

2. 100mm rockwool interlayer with galanized wall ensures warm preservation.

3. Air circulation fan provides uniform-temperature chamber, avoids color difference.

4. PLC controller for easy setting time and temperature.

5. Loading system can be customized to standard trolley system or track system applied to continous conveyor line.

Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Worksize Dimensions
Width1800 * Height2100 * Depth7000 mm
Power Supply
LPG / Gas / Diesel
Voltage/Frequency 380V/220V (50-60Hz)
Warm-up Time 15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature Stability < ± 3.0-6°C
Temperature Max. 250° C
Transport System
Two trolleys
Burner Italy Riello, 10,0000cal
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Ventilation Performance 8288-16576m3/h
Motor Power 7.5kW
Warranty 12 months