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Powder Coating Guide

  • Metallic powders are powder coatings which have a metallic or sparkle effect. The effect of powder coating with metallic powders are more bright and sparkly. These powders are more decorative, many manufacturers want to powder coat their products with metallic powders, however, not all powder coati

  • Recently, lots of customers request to get mirror effect for the alloy wheels. They wanna use powder coating process to replace the chrome craft. We have already help our customers to get this perfect effect.

  • There are always many projects need various colors of powder in powder coating production. Changing color manually is time-consuming and laborious, especially in large scale production. COLO Plastic Powder Coating Booth is an ideal solution for fast color change.

  • Transfer efficiency is the ratio of the amount of powder deposited on the part to the amount of powder directed to the part.

  • Electrostatic powder coating is the most widely accepted method in coating industry and spray gun is the most important part in this application. Electrostatic powder coating process is based on the principle of high-voltage electrostatic corona field, powder with electrostatic charge is sprayed on

  • Spray gun aims to make the powder in a good atomization state and fully charged to ensure it could uniformly and efficiently adsorbed to the surface of workpiece. While its safety, reliability, lightweight structure, easy operation and other integrative factors should also be considered.

  • Integrated all functions of powder coating system, the whole line is in hands even applying most complex technology.. A graphical touch panel delivers easy control from simple operation to parameter setting, including spray gun parameter, advance and delay time of spraying, reciprocator running para

  • Powder coating is a process of powder form in a fluid state to bond to the metal surface. This process can create a more durable finish that is tougher than conventional paint. It is mainly used for coating metals such as appliances, furniture, aluminum profiles,automotive parts. Since it is not liq

  • arker Ionics “Pulse Power” is the first and only corona charging method that supplies excellent transfer efficiencies, superior powder penetration and a quality finish with no gun adjustment needed. Pulse Power improves overall gun performance and transfer Efficiencies by pulsing the charge to the e

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