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Kafan Group
COLO from year 2017 built a new brand Kafan to start the business of sandblasting machine and vibratory finishing machine. COLO is working on surface finishing solution all the time and gives customer one-stop of surface treatment. For pre-treatment process of powder coating, you can choose our sandblasters to remove rust, oils and dirts and increase surface adhesion. We design, manufacture, testing all by ourselves, quality and price and controllable.
The surface finishing machine catalog:
Sandblasting Machine
  • Dry Sandblasting Cabinet
  • Wet Sandblasting Machine
  • Pressure Sandblasting Cabinet
  • Portable Sandblasters
  • Automatic Sandblasting Equipment
  • Abrasive and Parts
Mass Finishing Equipment
  • Vibratory Finishing Tumbler
  • Barrel Finishing Machine
  • Centrifugal Finishing Machine
  • Finishing Medias
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