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Powder Coating Business Start Up Package

This powder coating package suits for small batch powder coating business.

COLO-191S Powder Coating Machine with 60L big capacity powder hopper.
COLO-S-2315 Powder Spray Booth: W2300 * H1500 * D1500 mm
COLO-1864 Powder Curing Oven: W1600 * H1800 * D1400 mm
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Powder Coating Business Start Up Package

This powder coating package is ideal for small batch coating production, including COLO-191S powder coating gun, COLO-S-2315 powder spray booth and COLO-1864 powder curing oven. 

COLO-191S Powder Coating Machine

COLO-191S powder coating machine is our main product, characterized with the latest digital valve control. Giving a more uniform finishing film while saving powder cost. 


Powder Coating Machine Configuration & Features

1) Intelligent controller with DVC (digital valve control) tech provides precise and repeatable settings, such as voltage, amperage, powder output, airflow, etc. 

2) Three presets programs for flat coating, corner coating and recoating.

3) Allows to store 20 personalized application coating programs.

4) 100kv powder spray gun maximizes the electrostatic charging, offers highest transfer efficiency, and improves powder utilization.

COLO-S-2315 Powder Coating Spray Booth

1. Made of durable powder coated steel requires less maintenance and saves operating cost.

2. High performance filter recovery system (combines 4 pcs cartridge filters) achieves 98% utilization rate of powder.

3. Pulse-jetting filter cleaning system could prevent powder accumulation and extend filters service life.

4. Full-function PLC controller offers more convenience and accuracy to set or adjust parameters. 

Powder coating booth

Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Model: COLO-2315

Operator dimensions   W2300*H1500*D1500 mm

Overall dimensions    W2750*H2070*D2180 mm

Power supply    Electric
Nominal power    4kW
Voltage    380V / 220V (customized as local)
Frequency    50-60Hz
Filter material:    Polyester
Filters Quantity:   4 pcs
Filters hang type:    easy for change
Filter cleaning system    Pneumatic

COLO-1864 Powder Coating Curing Oven

1. Heating by electricity provides high-quality and long-lasting powder finish in shorter curing time.

2. Oven wall is 100mm rock wool board with galvanized inner wall and color-steel external skins for best insulation possible.

3. Circulation fan cycles hot air through the entire chamber, provides consistent and even powder coating finish.

4. Simple-operation PLC controller achieves safe and high-precision heating process.

powder coating oven

Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Model: COLO-1864

Operating Dimension: W1600*H1800*D1400 mm

Overall Dimension: W1900*H2200*D1700 mm

Power Supply: Electric, 18kw

Voltage/Frequency: 220V 50/60Hz (customized as local)

Warm-up Time: 15-30min (180°C)

Temperature Stability: <± 3-5°C

Temperature Max.: 250°C

Motor Power: 0.75 kw

Circulation/Air Flow: Vertical, Varaible through holes on the walls

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