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Powder Coating Business Start Up Package

This powder coating package suits for start small powder coating business. COLO-191S Powder coating machine suitable for a variety of color changes.
COLO-S-1115 Powder Spray Booth: Width1000 * Depth1000 * Heght1500mm 
COLO-1688 Powder Curing Oven: Width1000 * Height1600 * Depth845mm
  • COLO-191S+1115+1688

  • COLO

Powder Coating Business Start Up Package

This small scale powder coating equipment package is your best finish starts to get reliable and profitable business, easpecially applies to powder coat motorcycle and automotive parts, such as wheels/rims, frames, valve covers, gas tank, engine parts, etc.

COLO-191S Professional Powder Coating Machine

COLO-191S powder coating machine saves on powder coats, get improved uniform coverage, eliminate faraday cage effect, getting excellent performance even on most chanllenging metal shapes.


PConfiguration & Features

1) Intelligent controller with DVC (digital valve control) tech provides precise and repeatable settings, such as voltage, amperage, powder output, airflow, etc. 

2) Three presets applications programs for flat coating, corner coating and recoating.

3) Allows to create and store 20 personalized application coating programs, optimized for each part and powder.

4) 100kv powder spray gun maximizes the electrostatic charging, offers highest transfer efficiency, and improves powder utilization.

COLO-S-1115 Powder Coating Spray Booth

  1. The powder spray booth is constructed by powder-coated cold-rolled sheet, durable and easy for cleaning.

  2. Filter cartridges are detachable and interchangeable allows convenient color change operations.

  3. Pulse-jetting filter cleaning controlled by solenoid valve prevents powder accumulation and extends filter life.

  4. A set of 1.5 kw energy-saving fan is placed on the top of booth to save space.

  5. Small and compact design of powder booth is a perfect solution for customers with limited workshop space.

powder coating boothpowder spray booth

Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Model COLO-S-1115
Operator dimensions Width1000*Depth1000*Heght1500mm
Overall dimensions Width1200*Depth1500*Heght2000mm  
Weight 480kg
Power supply 220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ
Fan power 1.5kw
Filter material Polyester
Filters Quantity 2 pcs, Quick-release Type
Filter cleaning system Pneumatic

COLO-1688 Powder Coating Curing Oven

1. Controll allows to set precise temperature & time as well as displays actual inside temperature.

2. 0.55kw circulating fan provides excellent heating uniformity for consistent, high quality curing results.

3. Voltage for 110v or 220v standard can be chosen based on the needs of customers.

4. High-density rock wool insulation with 100mm thickness for Interlayer keeps balanced temperature inside the oven.

5. With 2 shelves and 5 rails per shelf, there's plenty of space for hanging coated workparts.

powder coating ovenpowder curing oven

Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Model COLO-1688
Worksize dimension Width1000  *Height1600 * Depth845mm
Power supply
Electric/ 6kw(1.5kw Heating Tube x 4pcs)
Warm-up time
15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature stability
< ± 3-5°C
Temperature Max. 250° C
Ventilation performance
Fan power 0.55kw
Circulation/ Air flow
Vertical, Variable through holes on the walls