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COLO History
  • April 2009
    our founders Sally Xu and Tom Zheng who own great speciality in powder coating industry, they are far-sighted to know the market and technology of powder coating which  could be profitable for surface finishers. COLO as a powder coating equipment manfacturer company was founded . COLO-500, COLO-600D units are designed and well-sold.
  • In the year 2010
     a classical model COLO-800 was designed by COLO, with more intelligent functions comparing with previous models, such as three pre-sets programs for flat parts, corners and re-coat jobs, which facilitate the powder coating beginners to coat different workparts or even complex shape also in good convenient and performance.
  • In the year 2011
    COLO moved to to Sandun Town with 2 factory building, start to design and manufacture powder spray booth and curing ovens. Owned 30 employees.
  • In the year 2012
    a new model Colo-610 was deisgned which has the pulse coating mode for beating deep corners. What’s more, Colo-800 was improved by latest technology to COLO-800D,  which means digital display of electric parameters - KV, helps you precisely read and adjust kvs 
    COLO-800D is now still a high performance powder coating machine.
  • In the year 2013
    a high-practice model colo-660 came to the market, except digital display of kv,  it was designed with 4 pre-set coating modes, flat-coating, corner-coating, re-coating and pulse-coating. Now it becomes a extremely cost-effective mode that meets quality finish and limited budget, customers from all over the world like to choose.
  • In the year 2015
     a new model COLO-668 was produced, combined with all the functions from COLO-660, but with fashionable appearance and modern design, popular amoung worldwide users.
    At the same time, COLO bought a 300m2 office as sales department, exporting to more than 80 countries. Our company owned 50 empolyees 
  • In the year 2016
     the innovative COLO-171S powder coating machine is designed by COLO, it is a new progress in powder coating equipment industry. COLO use digital valve technology to accurately adjust powder output, which significantly improve the coating quality. Thus the data of high-voltage, current, powder feed, atomizing air all can be set and read digitally.
  • In the year 2017
     the new intelligent model COLO-191S is updated from COLO-171S, which use LCD screen to show the parameters. The digital valve controlled technology allows precise setting of all datas by buttons, comparing with traditional COLO-660, COLO-800D, it gives accurate and consistent powder output, ensures more uniform quality. Importantly, it allows separately adjust voltage and current, overcoming the difficulty of coating complex corners and beating the farady cage effect. COLO-191S powder coating equipment now is patented by COLO technology and experts, is our start products.
    At the same year, Colo moved to Tangqi Town , bought a new factory building with 4 floors, owned 70 empolyees. Except supply powder coating equipment, we start to produce sandblasting equipment and mass finishing equipment with Kafan brand.
  • In the year 2018
    we continue being devoted to supplying surface finishing equipment and solutions. The COLO-191S powder coating machine get a good sales amount from its powerful functions and reliable quality. We also developed PP plastic powder spray booth to maximize the efficiency in the automatic line during powder color change.  
  • Until the year of 2019
    we have built plenty of automatic powder coating lines in many countries, such as US, Canada, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonisia,
    We have established long term business with distributors from all over the world. COLO is now going to be a world known brand in powder coating industry.

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