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Box Powder Coating Oven with Conveyor Line

Multi-function powder coating curing oven, the conveyors on the top of oven is a very convenient design, connecting to tunnel powder spray booth is easy for transporting large and heavy parts, simplify the difficulty in powder coating. 
  • COLO-3210

  • COLO

Box Powder Coating Oven with Conveyor Line

The powder coating oven with conveyor is a time-saving and labor-saving design, it is ideal for manually processing large or heavy parts when connects to tunnel powder coating spray booth. With natural gas as fuel, this oven's heating rate is faster. COLO powder coating ovens are designed to work with the highest efficiency to achieve needed temperature with lowest energy use.

powder coating oven

powder coating curing oven

Features of Box Powder Coating Oven

powder coating oven conveyor

Powder Coating Oven Conveyors 

Conveyor is designed for continuous batch production, support for custom. Built-in three conveyors are able to cure more products simultaneously, achieve high production output. 

rockwool board

Structure of Oven Wall 

Interlayer is 100mm thick rockwool insulation board density 120kgs/cbm. with heat-resistent galvanized innerwall and durable color steel outwall. It is an optimal structure for insulation effect.


Gas Burner 

Italy imported Riello burner takes full utilization of fuels, gives much quicker raise to a required temperature comparing with electric heating, as well as more environmental-friendly than diesel fired oven.

PLC Controller

PLC Controller

The PLC controllor provides high-precision heating process, it allows you accurately to set the desired temperature and time, as well as the turn on/off of circulation fan. The controller also includes a variety of safety devices, such as alarm light and emergency stop buttons, etc.

Powder Curing Ovens for Powder Coating Applications

Powder coating oven is used to cure powder coated parts. Once cured, the powder coating creates a tough, durable film that is generally harder and stronger than any genetal paint film. A cured powder coated film is often used to coat certain metals in a variety of industries, and increasingly, for coating aluminum extrusion used in household and building products.

Powder curing oven
powder curing oven