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Diesel Fired Powder Coating Oven

- Designed to safely and efficiently cure applied powder coating parts 
- Energy-efficient designs save fuel and get to temperature quickly 
- Uniform heating ensures curing quality and prevents color difference 
- Size and design can be custom according to actual demands
  • COLO

Diesel Fired Powder Coating Oven

This is an indirect heating powder coat oven with a heat exchanger, which delivers clean, breathable hot air to the desired location, while direct fired oven generates combustible, dirt and toxic fumes within the heated air.

Working principle: When a thermoset powder is exposed to elevated temperature, it begins to melt, flows out, and then chemically reacts to form a higher molecular weight polymer in the surface of the workpiece.

diesel powder coating oven

Diesel Powder Coating Oven Features

  • Italy imported RIELLO diesel burner, takes full use of energy, rapdily raises to required temperature, Max. reach to 250℃ (normally 180℃ for heating 15-20mins).

  • PLC Controller allows operators precisely set heating temperature and time, and gives an easy start of fan working.

  • An exhaust fan located in the rear of the oven, the exhaust will be activated via the oven on switch and will be on at all times.

  • Diesel powder coating oven is built up with 100mm thick insulated board with durable galvanized inner wall and color-steel outer wall.

  • Standard and custom design range from small dimension to large ovens and conveyorized curing systems.

Standard Diesel Powder Coating Oven for Choice

Model Working Dimension Buner Power Voltage Fan Motor Power
COLO-0813 Width800*Heght*1500*Depth3000mm 100,000Cal


3kw, 1pcs
COLO-1732 Width1650*Heght*1700*Depth3200mm 100,000Cal


4kw, 1pcs
COLO-3210 Width2000*Heght*1900*Depth3100mm 100,000Cal


4kw, 1pcs
COLO-4772 Width1608*Heght*2060*Depth4797mm 200,000Cal


5.5kw, 1pcs

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