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Box Type Powder Coating Oven for Sale

- Indirect heating gas oven features more environmently-friendly. 
- Sandwich structure of oven wall provides great insulation effect. 
- Simple-operation PLC controller gives to set parameters accurately. 
- Italy imported RIELLO gas burner with superior quality and efficiency. 
- Quick heat-up rate helps to achieve high production output.
  • COLO-1830

  • COLO

Box Type Powder Coating Oven for Sale

COLO-1830 powder coating box oven is designed for curing parts to form sturdy film in powder coating process. Takes gas as fuel, this oven features heating effectively and saving energy. There is plenty inner space to holds batch workparts while trolleys are designed to help easy loading and transporting. A fan circulates heated air in the oven chamber for a balanced, uniform temperature, resulting in a quality surface for your parts.

box powder coating oven   box powder coating oven

Box Powder Coating Oven Features

Powder Coating Oven PLC Controller

PLC Controller

Accurately set required heating temperature and time, digital process timer with auto-shutdown is easy to operate, and fan working is also controlled on the panel.

rockwool board

Powder Coating Oven Wall Material

COLO powder coating oven wall is designed according to sandwich structure, this is an optimal solution for minimum temperature dropping. Interlayer is 100mm thick rockwool insulation board (density 120kgs/cbm) with heat-resistent galvanized innerwall and durable color steel outwall.

Powerful Circulation Fan

Powerful Circulation Fan

A fan circles hot air in the chamber to minimize temperature difference and guarantee uniform temperature, so that to make powder coated parts be cured with consistent color and gloss.


Italy RIELLO Gas Burner

Italy imported RIELLO diesel burner, takes full use of fuel, rapdily raises to required temperature, Max. reach to 250℃ (normally 180℃ for heating 15-20mins). Quick heat-up rates helps to achieve higher production output.

transport trolleys

Custom Trolleys

Trolleys are convenient to transport heavy parts, combination of outer an inner trolleys is tends to not pollute the oven chamber and ensure the color purity of parts. We offer custom-made design to get optimal utilization of the inner space to holds your workparts as well as facilitate the loading and transporting.

Standard Powder Coating Box Oven for Choice

Model Working Dimension Buner Power Voltage Fan Motor Power
COLO-1515 Width1500*Heght*1500*Depth1300mm 100,000Cal


3kw, 1pcs
COLO-1732 Width1650*Heght*1700*Depth3200mm 100,000Cal


4kw, 1pcs
COLO-3210 Width2000*Heght*1900*Depth3100mm 100,000Cal


4kw, 1pcs
COLO-4772 Width1608*Heght*2060*Depth4797mm 200,000Cal


5.5kw, 1pcs

Why choose COLO powder coating ovens?

Each of our powder coating oven is built in house, constructed with durable material and advanced components to maximize lifespan and ensure superior heating performance. We have 10 years manufacturer of designing and manufacturing powder coating ovens exported to worldwide. Supply a variety of curing ovens with standard sizes, also provides custom design as your precise requirements, oversea installation, commissioning reasons for your to choose us as well.

box powder coating oven delivery