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Overhead Conveyor Powder Coating Oven

- Heating source: Electricity, liquid or gas fuel
- Burning System: Itatly Riello burner
- Heating temperature: 180-200°C
- Control system: Precise PLC control
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Overhead Conveyor Powder Coating Oven

Tunnel ovens are often used in powder coating lines, allowing workpieces to be cured within 10 minutes at 180-200°C. The length of the curing oven can be customized according to the shape, quantity and weight of the workpiece and the production efficiency.

tunnel powder curing oven

These ovens are conveyor-type, with open product inlets and outlets, and are designed to accommodate the largest workpiece sizes. Ovens can be designed in tunnel, U, S or W shapes depending on the largest workpiece and workshop size.

Overhead Conveyor Powder Coating Oven
tunnel curing oven

Components of  Overhead Conveyor Powder Coating Oven

gas burner - 副本

Burning System

Itatly Riello burner fully burns fuels, quickly reach to required temperature saving your production time everyday.

Powder coating oven fan

Circulation Fan

A fan circles hot airs in the chamber ensure even temperature distribution with a minimal temperature difference, such an oven will obtain a quality finish with even gloss and consistent color.

rockwool board

Oven Wall Materials 

Interlayer is 100mm thick rockwool insulation board density 120kgs/cbm. with heat-resistent galvanized innerwall and durable color steel outwall. It is an optimal design for minimum temperature dropping.


PLC Controller

High precison and reliable heating process, easy to set accurate required temperature on the panel, as well as set the heating time and fan working. Once the time arrives, the oven will stop automatically.