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Walk-in Powder Coating Cabin for Heavy Parts

- Operation Dimension: Width3000 x Height2000 x Depth1700mm 
- Highly efficient filter cleaning system 
- Ideal for large complex part geometries 
- Easy manual operation booth
  • COLO-3217

  • COLO

Walk-in Powder Coating Cabin for Heavy Parts

This walk-in powder coating cabin is ideal for working parts ranging in size from small hardware hung on racks or carts, to large roll-in pieces, reducing operators' efforts. A low cost manual spray booth which that has incorporated the highly efficient filter cleaning system. 

  • Engineered for easy manual powder coating applications

  • Accommodates large complex part geometries 

  • Ideal for spray-to-waste multi-color or single-color recovery environments 

  • Booth cabin scalability allows simultaneous use by multiple operators

walk-in powder coating booth

How Does Powder Coating Cabin Work?

Shop air is drawn into the spray booth by a exaction fan, and then passes through the booth's workspace into a filtered plenum integrated into the wall. As the filter load, a pulse jet device acitivates for automatic cleaning, and the accumulated powders drops, thus maintains the life and precision of the filters. The air is filtered in multiple stages and then discharged to the outside atmosphere. 

Single-station powder coating cabin is an economical solution for basic powder coating operations requiring reclaim capability in continuous production situations with automatic pulse cleaning used. Spraying workpiece will to be manually transferred to the high-temperature curing oven to complete the easy and quick finish.

Powder Coating Cabin Features

  • Powerful extraction fan, reduce compressed air consumption and low noise level.   

  • Disposable filters are easy to inspect and replace. 

  • Full-function, compliant PLC control panel with safety interlock comes standard on all models. 

  • High-quality manufacturing and factory testing for optimum performance and reliability. 

  • Requires only quick, easy conncet electrical and pneumatics to start production . 

Powder Coating Cabin Technical Specifications

Model  COLO-S-3217
Operating dimensions:   3000width*1700depth*2000Height(mm) 
Overall Dimension   3080width*2200depth*2080Height(mm)
Power Supply:     Electric, 4kw 
Voltage:  380V220V, 50-60Hz (custom voltage as local) 
Filters spec:     Polyester, 5PCS, Size(Dia325*H900mm) 
Air consumption:  6600m3/h 
Fan motor Power:  4kw