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Cheap Powder Coating Booth for Sale

- Simple and flexible design 
- Maximum recovery efficiency 
- Multiple color capabilities 
- Easy cleaning 
- All filter media accessible and easily replaced 
- Minimal maintenance required
  • COLO-1115

  • COLO

COLO-1115 Cheap Powder Coating Booth for Sale

This low cost manual pwoder spray booth that has incorporated the highly efficient filter cleaning system. It is especially suitable for small scale single colour production, or small batch spray-to-waste type multi-colour application, a right solution for every application whether new costarters or experienced users.

Powder Coating Booth Features

  • Filter is equipped with automatic back pulse jetting device, with automatic adjustment of the intermittent

  • Quick-release type cartridge filters allows for easy replacement and color change

  • An includde air solenoid value allows for easy filter maintenance

  • Energy saving air circulation (the extracted air is fed back into the atmosphere)

  • Full-function, compliant control panel with safety interlock installed in the side of the booth

  • A space-saving and compact design, cover a small area, easy to move

small powder coating booth (3)

How does powder booth work?

A booth fans draw air through filters. as the cartridge filters load, air flow decreases and the negative pressure rises within the air handler. a timer activates a system of air purging valves that clear the cartridge filters of the accumulated powder to ensure max filter life. Pneumatic pulsing system with adjustable pulse time will assist in removing the powder from the filter. The air is filtered and clean enough to discharged back to the outside atmosphere.

The powder-coated steel booth provides a well-lit and bright working space. The minimum air extraction volume is monitored constantly and anacoustic. The integrated functions and ease of operation provide ideal conditions for efficient and friendly manual coating. 

Technical Specifications

Operating dimensions:   1000width*1000depth*1500Height(mm)  
Weight:      580kg 
Power Supply:     Electric, 1.5kw 
Voltage:  380V220V, 50-60Hz (custom voltage as local) 
Filters spec:     Polyester, 2PCS, Size(Dia325*H900mm) 
Air consumption:  6600m3/h 
Fan motor Power:  1.5kw