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Manual Powder Coating Batch Booth

The advanced and economical manual coating spray booth applies efficient filter cleaning system, giving a bright, efficient environment for powder coating operations.
  • COLO-2315

  • COLO

COLO-2315 Manual Powder Coating Batch Booth

Features an open-face design with filter recovery system, the COLO-2315 powder booth is a right solution in manual application for new comers starting business or experienced users updating installations, whose popular size (width2300*height1500mm*depth1500mm) makes efficient use of shop space, achieveing "batch" production without overspray reclamation. 

Powder coated steel booth, durable and sturdy is designed for small to medium powder applications. Simplified cartridge filters features quick-release type,  easy to remove and replace, powerful extraction guarantees a safe and clean working environment.

COLO-2315 Manual Powder Coating Batch Booth

Powder Coating Batch Booth Features

  • High-quality manufacturing and factory testing for optimum performance and reliability.

  • 100% polyester filters for superior filtration performance, longer filter life, and minimum powder accumulation.

  • Powerful extraction fan, reduce compressed air consumption and low noise level.    

  • A removable powder recovery hopper for cleaner operation and easier powder transfer capability. 

  • Requires only quick, easy connect electrical and pnematics to start production. 

Filter Cartridges

Filter Cartridges

Fan Motor

Fan Motor

PLC Control Panel

PLC Control Panel

Manual Powder Coating Booth Technical Specifications

Operating dimensions 2300width*1500depth*1500Height(mm)  
Weight    580kg 
Power Supply Electric, 4kw 
Voltage 380V220V, 50-60Hz (custom voltage as local) 
Filters spec Polyester, 4PCS, Size(Dia325*H900mm) 
Air consumption 6600m3/h 
Fan motor Power 4kw

How does the powder coating booth work?

A booth fans draw air through filters. as the cartridge filters load, air flow decreases and the negative pressure rises within the air handler. a timer activates a system of air purging valves that clear the cartridge filters of the accumulated powder to ensure max filter life. Pneumatic pulsing system with adjustable pulse time will assist in removing the powder from the filter. The air is filtered and clean enough to discharged back to the outside atmosphere. Disposable filters are easy to inspect and replace. Our powder coating booth takes with PLC controller to conveniently and accurately control the working,start the fan, set the interval of pulse cleaning, etc.