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Environmental Powder Coating Room

This powder coating room is an environmental and economical machine, filters could absorb oversprayed powder in powder coating production in good time, prevent to pollute the environment.
Sturdy design of structure and superior material of this powder coating room ensures the longer service life, less maintenance.
  • COLO-2315
  • COLO

COLO-2315 Environmental Powder Coating Room

Environmental powder coating rooms are crucial for high-quality powder coating finish, COLO-2315 powder coating room is designed to meet specific requirements of powder coating. This is an open-face room with filter recovery system, suitable for manual applications. Working size of this powder coating room (width2300*height1500mm*depth1500mm) is a common and efficient size, achieveing "batch" production without overspray reclamation.

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Features of Powder Coating Room

  • Booth body is made of powder coated steel, features durable, sturdy and easy-cleaning.

  • High-precision filters made of 100% polyester is for superior filtration performance, longer filter life.

  • Simplified cartridge filters features quick-release type,  easy to remove and replace.

  • Powerful extraction reduce compressed air consumption, ensures a safe and clean working environment.

  • High-quality manufacturing and factory testing for optimum performance and reliability.

Technical Specifications of Powder Coating Room

Operating dimensions:   2300width * 1500depth * 1500Height(mm)  
Weight:      580kg 
Power Supply:     Electric, 4kw 
Voltage:  380V220V, 50-60Hz (custom voltage as local) 
Filters spec:     Polyester, 4PCS, Size(Dia325 * H900mm) 
Air consumption:  6600m3/h 
Fan motor Power:  4kw

Why choose Environmental Powder Coating Room?

A lot of oversprayed powder is produced during powder coating process, it will cause serious pollution to the environment if not take measures. Powder coating room is an essencial part in powder coating process, which can collect the oversprayed powder. 

The booth fans draw air through filters, air flow decreases and the negative pressure rises within the air handler. A timer device activates a system of air purging valves that shake off the accumulated powder in filters to ensure long filters' service life. Pneumatic pulsing system with adjustable pulse time will assist in removing the powder from the filter. The air is clean enough when discharged back to the environment.

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