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Open Face Powder Coating Booth for Sale

COLO Open Face Powder Coating Booth is ideal for powder coating small to large sized workparts, provides a bright and efficient environment for powder coating operations. This powerful powder recovery system ensures clean air back to atmosphere, friendly for environment and operators' healthy.
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Open Face Powder Coating Booth for Sale

COLO Open Face Powder Coating Booth is ideal for powder coating small to large sized workparts. When processing large and bulky or heavy parts, after the part to be coated has been rolled into the booth, operator is able to walk in and spray the parts from all sides. Powder recovery system features high-efficiency cartridge filters for capturing powder overspray, and a pulse jetting valve device which cleans filters automatically for a longer lifespan.

open face powder coating booth

Features of Open Face Powder Coating Booth

powder coating booth controller

PLC Controller 

Full-function and compliant PLC controller with safety interlock comes standard on all models. Convenient, simple-operation control panel that includes a main power switch, extraction fan start/stop switches, cartridge-filter pulse-jet device timer and safety interlock switch, etc.

high-effieiency filters

High-efficiency Filters

These filters with smaller and more uniform pores ensure 100% separation. Superior quality polyester spunbonded fabric materials enhance filters' lifespan.

These filters are easy to inspect and replace that convenient for fast color change. 

powder coating booth pulse jetting device

Pulse-jet Valve Device

The pulse-jet valve device is set by PLC controller panel to clean filters automatically at intervals, shaking off powders absorbed in filters to prevent powders accumulation to impact the high-efficiency separation rate. 

Specifications of Open Face Powder Coating Booth 

Model COLO-S-3222
Work Dimensions W2300 * H1850 * D1500mm
Overall Dimensions W2504 * H2169 * D2002mm
Filters 4 pcs / 325*900mm
Nominal Power 4kw
Nominal Voltage 220V/380V/415V/As required  50-60Hz
Air Consumption 4000m3/h
Warranty 12 months
Delivery Time 2 weeks

Why choose COLO Powder Coating Booth?

1. Each of our powder coating booth is built with durable material and premium components, such as 0.1 um polyester cartridge filters for absorbing superfine powders, sturdy cold-rolled plate, etc. The cold-rolled plate with higher strength and surface finish, is a kind of material that prolongs service life and looks better.

2. COLO has more than 10 years of production experience in the powder coating industry, we have own factory and professional research group to independently developed powder coating booth series products, our sales team sells COLO products directly without middlemen, so the price is more favorable.

3. We have various powder coating booths: basic filter powder coating booth for small scale production, walk-in powder coating booth for large and bulky parts, tunnel type powder coating booth for long shaped workpiece, cyclone powder coating booth for fast color change in powder coating line. We also provide customized services for our customers to design unique powder coating spray booths for any production needs.