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How to choose a powder coating oven with quality cure finishes?

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Various types of industrial powder coatings business in all areas of the heat treatment and curing industry contributes to the widespread popularity of powder curing ovens.

Airflow and temperature within a curing oven can affect the performance of various thermal processes. It can even have a powerful effect on the quality of the finished product. Next, we will introduce in detail which factors will affect the cure finishes of the powder curing oven.

powder curing oven

  • Oven Materials

Our interlayer adopts 100mm thick high-density rock wool insulation layer with density 120kgs/cbm to keep the temperature balance in the oven. Our powder curing oven is designed with 1mm galvanized steel inside and 0.7mm color steel durable outside to keep Temperature stability within < ± 3-5°C.

Oven Materials

  •  Air Circulation

This fan circulates hot air indoors to evenly distribute heat and minimize temperature differences for a premium powder coat with an even gloss and consistent color. Customers also can choose the suitable circulation fan based on the volume of powder coating oven.

 Air Circulation

  • Oven Controller

Our ovens provide high-precision heating with PLC controllers, providing all the functions you need.The LED display allows you to set the temperature.as well as the duration of heating process at the desired temperature. If you want to build a powder coating furnace yourself, our control unit is the right choice for a powder coating furnace.


  • Trolley System

Some powder curing ovens will be equipped with an internal and external trolley system, allowing a batch of components to be loaded with a small amount of force. Including two trolleys, the inner trolley traverses the hall without polluting the furnace, and the outer trolley loads the inner trolley for outdoor operations to ensure high-purity painting components. And custom designs are available to optimize the entire space of the oven.

Trolley System

There are various powder coating oven on the market and only by finding an oven that suits your workpiece can you maximize your output and get a quality cure finishes. The above factors can give you advice when you need to buy an oven, if you have any other questions, you can also contact us, powder coated ovens also can be customized to any depth, width or height according to your preference.

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