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How hot does the oven need to be for powder coating?

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After powder spraying process, the coated workparts must be put into a powder coating oven for heating.

In the curing oven, the powder coatings generate chemically reaction under a specific temperature, crosslinking and curing into a polymer coating film with uniformity, smoothness, as well as durable and long lasting.

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A universal range of the heating temperature is 180-250℃, time range is 15-30min, for different types of powder coatings, the temperature and time vary up to the powder materials.

We list the specific processing paramters for each kinds of powder coatings.

Type of Powder Coatings
Temperature/℃ Time/min
Epoxy 160-180

Polyester epoxy 180-220

Polyester 190-220

Phenolic epoxy 220

Chlorinated polyether 220-250
Pre-heat the workparts 10-20min

Polytrifluorochloroethylene (PCTFE) 260-280

Polyurethane 180-220

Low pressure polyethylene 180-220
Semi-curing 180℃. 3-5min

The curing time shoud be calculated from when it reach to required temperature, whose duration must be strictly controlled, short times causes imcomplete curing and bad mechanical property, while long heating time causes film aging and color difference.

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