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How to powder coat with metallic powders?

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powder coating effect

 powder coating effect

Metallic powders are powder coatings which have a metallic or sparkle effect. The effect of powder coating with metallic powders are more bright and sparkly. These powders are more decorative, many manufacturers want to powder coat their products with metallic powders, however, not all powder coating machines are suitable for metallic powders. It can be more difficult to spray than solid powders. Because the electrostatics and other elements will influence the way of metallic flakes in powder orientation, a small change can vary the color of coating, especially when there is a large contrast between the base color and the color of the metallic powders.

powder coating machine

After many tests of powder coating metallic powders, we found that metallic coatings spray best at lower range KV and current settings. A good range of KV is between 60 and 75, with the current between 25 to 35. Some powder coating machines are not support to adjust voltage and current flexibly that leads to a very troublesome process. Nevertheless, COLO-191S Powder Coating Machine is an ideal selection, the digital valve control function allows to adjust voltage and current precisely, which is convenient to set optimum parameters for powder coating metallic powders. And adjustment of powder output is also beneficial for better powder coating effect. 

powder coating oven

In the process of curing powder coat, there are some noteworthy details. Some effects need to be cured using the exact schedule provided as even slight differences in temperature can cause discoloration of the metallic flake. How much time is necessary will depend ultimately on the powder itself. COLO Powder Coating Oven with PLC controller provides accurate adjustment of heating temperature and time, supports personalized settings to get a better powder coating effect. 

COLO will continue to provide our clients with advice and guidance in powder coating production! 

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