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How to get the mirror effect in powder coating alloy wheels?

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Recently, lots of customers request to get mirror effect for the alloy wheels. They want to use powder coating process to replace the chrome craft. We have already help our customers to get this perfect effect. 



Why choose powder coating for wheel finish ?

Economic - powder coating process allows you to start business with low cost, low risk.

Easy to operate - it is friendly for beginners to operate powder coating machines by their own. 

Fast color change - powder coating process supports to change colors quickly, and you are able to choose colors as your like, it is suitable for DIY and customized made. 

How to powder coat wheels with mirror effect?

Superior machines and specific powders are important, here are 3 steps.

1. spray grey primer powder and then curing it.

2. spray chrome powder and then curing it.

3. spray colorful mirror powder to get mirror effect.

colorful mirror powder

Spraying grey primer powder is necessary, otherwise it will get blister. And spraying chrome powder is to get chrome effect. Spraying colorful mirror powder is in order to make it colourful and bright. Each step is important.

Which surface finishing machines do you need?

 CL-1212 Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet is designed for pretreatment of powder coating to completely clean the surface and improve the adhesion and corrosion-resistant ability.

sandblasting machine

 COLO-191S Powder Coating Machine is characterized with the latest digital valve control technology offers precise powder feed adjusting and atomizing adjusting, gives a superior quality finish while saving powders. Taking advantage of all powerful functions, the professional powder coating gun is well-performed for both beginners and specialists. 

powder coating spray gun

 COLO-2315 Manual Powder Coating Booth is designed for small to medium powder applications, specially powder coating alloy wheels. Quick-release type cartridge filters are easy for fast color change. This powder coating booth guarantees a safe and clean working environment.
powder coating spray booth for sale

 COLO-1515 Electric Powder Coating Oven features economic and practical. This powder coating oven uses electric energy that creates hot air to heat the chamber rapidly, and a forced air fan cycles hot air through the entire chamber to ensure even temperature and get a uniform powder curing effect.

powder coating oven

With proper machines and methods, it is easy to get mirror effect in powder coating alloy wheels. Once build the manual coating plant, long-term project, use for more than 10 years. Many customers earn back principal and get to profitability after one year.

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