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How to achieve fast color change in automatic powder coating line?

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There are always many projects need various colors of powder in powder coating production. Changing color manually is time-consuming and laborious, especially in large scale production. Using COLO Automatic Plastic Powder Coating Booth and Powder Feed Center is an ideal solution for fast color change.

Automatic PP plastic powder booth  allows to clean powder booth easily and quickly during color change, because the powder spray booth body is made of PP plate, absorbs no powder in powder coating process. It is beneficial and convenient for those powder coating production who need many colors.

 powder coating booth

With self-cleaning function and high separation efficiency, large cyclone, after filter and secondary recovery system are all cleaned automatically. Flap and air knife cleaning system in the bottom of booth can keep almost no powder retention at the bottom of the spray booth. Therefore, the inside of the booth does not need to be clean. 98% powder that recoverd by cyclone can be reused, other 2% powder is recovered by filter system which is not reused, the filters do not need to be clean, they are only need to be changed. Automatic powder coating spray booth saves both time and labor.

Use with powder supply center can realize the automatic circulation of powder. When cleaning the spray booth, the powder supply center will automatically clean the powder suction tube, powder pump, powder tube and spray gun. Make the clean very fast in one minute.

powder feed center

If customers have old spray booth whose recovery function is not good, and there are many powder flying in the factory, we suggest to update the old spray booth to PP plastic powder booth, saves both time and labor.

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