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Electrostatic Powder Coating Paint Oven

- Operating Dimension: Width1500*Height1500*Depth1500mm 
- Designed specially for high quality powder coating 
- Electric heating powder oven, clean for parts and environment 
- Factory direct sale, standard model, cost-saving, quick delivery
  • COLO-1515

  • COLO

Electrostatic Powder Coating Paint Oven

The electric oven is designed professionally for the powder curing process after electrostatic spraying. The finished powder sprayed workparts will be placed into the oven, and the powder coatings generate chemically reaction under the a specific temperature, crosslinking and curing into a polymer coating film, which has a certain physical and chemical properties.

powder coating oven

powder coating oven

Powder Paint Oven Features

circulation fan

Circulation Fan

This electrostatic powder coating paint ovens use electric energy that creates hot air to rapidly heat the chamber, forced air fan cycles hot air uniformly through the entire dimension to ensure even temperature.

rockwool board

Oven Wall Materials

The 100mm thick rockwool insulation interlayer with heat-resistent galvanized innerwall and durable color steel outwall is to maintain the heat with least temperature dropping.  

PLC Controller

PLC Controller Panel

The whole working process is reliablely controlled by a PLC panel, precise temperature and time can be set on a user-friendly interface, maximum curing temperature is allowed to set 250 ℃, normally 180 ℃ for heating 15-30 minutes, as well as an easy start of fan working included. 

Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Model COLO-1515
Operating Dimension Width1500 * Height1500 * Depth1500mm
Power Supply Electric, 18kw
Voltage/Frequency 220V/380V 50/60Hz (voltage can be custom as local)
Warm-up Time 15-30min (180°C)
Temperature Stability <± 3-5°C
Temperature Max. 250°C
Ventilation Performance
Motor Power 0.75kw
Circulation/Air Flow
Vertical, Varaible through holes on the walls
Warranty 12 months

Different Models of Electric Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Model Operating Size  Total Power Motor Power
COLO-1688 Width845 * Height1600 * Depth845mm 6.5 kw 0.55kw
COLO-1118 Width1000 * Height1000 * Depth1800mm 18 kw 0.75kw
COLO-1515 Width1500 * Height1500 * Depth1500mm 18 kw 0.75kw
COLO-1864 Width1600 * Height1800 * Depth1400mm 18 kw 0.75kw
COLO-1732 Width1650 * Height1700 * Depth3200mm 48 kw 1.5kw
COLO-1645 Width1500 * Height1650 * Depth4500mm 54 kw 3kw

Why choose COLO electrostatic powder coating paint ovens?

Each of our electrostatic powder coating paint oven is built with advanced technology, constructed with durable material and premium components to maximize lifespan and ensure superior heating performance. We are more than 10 years manufacturer of designing and manufacturing powder coating ovens exported to worldwide. Supply a variety of curing ovens with standard sizes, also support for custom to design as your requirements, oversea installation, commissioning reasons. 

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