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COLO-191S Professional Powder Coating Gun for Sale

- Utility model with simple operation
- High powder transfer efficiency
- Uniform spraying effect
- Great performace for complex parts
- Any produts, any place, any powders
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COLO-191S Professional Powder Coating Gun for Sale

COLO-191S Professional powder coating gun is characterized with its digital valve control, which is the world's latest technology applying in the powder coating industry. Giving an extremely quality finish while saving powder material. Taking advantage of all powerful functions, the professional COLO-191S is well-performed for both beginners and specialists.

professional powder coating gun for sale

COLO-191S Powder Coating Gun Components

1. COLO-191S Digital Intelligent Controller.

2. 100kv Manual powder gun corona type with 5m cable.

4. Nozzle assortment, including fan spray nozzles, and round nozzles, extension nozzles.

5. Vibration Motor for Constant Fluidizing.

6. High quality powder injectors for smooth and uniform output.

7. Flexible trolley and stable base with wheels, movable everywhere.

8. Grounded powder hose 5 meters, anti-static material.

9. Oil-water separating filter.

10. Other kit and connections.

Why choose COLO powder coating gun?

powder coating gun system

1)DVC technology, always spraying right amoung of powders - Reduce Powder Waste

Thanks to the digital valve controlling, precise and repeatable regulations of the conveying and supplementary air to the Venturi injector are realized, which allows users to set a specific accurate powder output for each application. Appying right amount of powders for each powder / object significantly saving powders. DVC technology allows reproducible coating results to ensures film thickness consistency.

2) All digital control, independent adjustment of Voltage, Current. - Overcome Faraday Cage Effect.

Another outstanding performace that COLO-191S beats traditional models is the independent adjusting of voltage and current. This excellent feature is of a great help in coating deep corner where electrostatic sheild often generates. Thus you can low the current and without turning down the voltage for better powder coverage. COLO-191S series improve peneration, reduce orange peel, backionization even with dfficult powders.

3) Three pre-set application modes for powder coating beginners

Flat Panel Mode: This setting provides maximum kVs and a high volume of powder output. This is for large flat panels and will provide a lot of powder wrap.

Recoat Mode: This setting is for a previously painted part that needs more powder for repairing. The kVs are reduced as well as the powder volume.

Corner Mode: This setting lowers the kVs, restricts current, and reduces the powder flow percentage to allow powder to penetrate difficult-to-reach corners and angles.

4) Custom 20 programs individually for different application

Specific settings are required with different powders or parts. The intelligent controller allows you create and store 20 personalized application programs. Each part will recieve optimal operation data. you can instantly call them back for use the next time you coat.

powder coating gun

5) COLO-08 patented manual spray gun - high transfer efficiency

100 kV manual spray gun maximize powder charging capacity while complying with safety regulations, ensuring efficiency during long lasting use. The lightweight and ergonomical design enables you quickly to do jobs at ease. Robust struction and high quality materials provies a longer service life.

Made of non-stick materials The nozzles are professionally designed to minimize powder accumulation as well as enhance penetration ability, including flat nozzles, round nozzles and extension nozzles.

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