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100kv Professional Powder Coating Gun

- Utility model with simple operation,
- High powder transfer efficiency
- Uniform spraying effect,
- Great performace for complex parts
-Any produts, any place, any powders

  • COLO-191S
  • COLO

COLO-191S 100kv Professional Powder Coating Gun

powder coating gun system

COLO-191S Professional powder coating gun is characterized by its digital valve control technology, which offers precise powder feed adjusting, a consistent and gentle powder output leads to unifrom finish, and allows you to control the thickness of the coating film, giving optimal powder consumption and high quality coated surfaces.

Another outstanding performace that COLO-191S beats traditional models is the separate adjusting of voltage and current. This excellent feature is of a great help in coating deep corner which often cause electrostatic sheild with less powder coverage. Thus you can low the current and without turning down the voltage. COLO-191S has been proven to be used with any powders, any products and any powders.

professional powder coating gun

COLO-191S Powder Coating Gun Features

1) 0-100kv Voltage adjustable, powerful and long lasting use

2) Digital precise adjustment of powder output and supplementary air

3) Three presets programs for panels, complicated shape parts and repair coating jobs.

4) Create and store 20 personalized application coating programs

5) Lightweight spray guns with full array of nozzle assortment. 

6) Back cover of the guns has remote control of powder feed and program selection.

7) Fluidized Hopper Feed -60 pounds powder capacity

8) Field tested and proven to operate in the toughest environments.

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