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COLO-191ST-B Powder Coat Paint Gun Kit

Designed for easy use and efficiency, offers innovative technologies to achieve the perfect finish for even most challenging workparts and powders.
  • COLO-191ST-B

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COLO-191ST-B  Powder Coat Paint Gun Kit

Powder Coat Paint Gun with 1 lbs powder hopper is more suitable for some laboratory use or small business.

Digital intellligent controller is developed by COLO lastest technology, provides powerful functions based on easy operation.Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can use it well to complete your work.

COLO-191ST-B Powder Coat Paint Gun Kit

Powder Coating Spray Gun Controller

powder spray machine

1.With 3 one-touch intelligent buttons convenient for users to coating different shapes, which standards for flat-part coating, corner coating and recoating.  


2.Allows experienced users create and store a 20 personalized programs which are optimized for their parts and powders.


3.Thanks to the digital valve control, it allows precise and repeatable regulations of the conveying and supplementary air to the injector, which are very important to achieve stable powder output and good coating results.

COLO-08 Manual Spray Gun Features

powder coating spray gun

1. Weight only 500g, COLO-08 is a lightweight among powder spray guns, and also maintains the practical functions.

2. 100 kV manual spray gun ensures safe operation whilst maximizes powder charging capacity with high efficiency.

3. Nozzles are made of non-stick materials, professionally designed to minimize powder accumulation as well as enhance penetration ability.