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COLO-660-V Box Feed Vibrating Powder Coating Machine

- Box feed type, quick for color change
- Pulse coating technology, good for corners
- Pre-set application programs for different shape parts
- Digital display of voltage and current
- Compact design, small space
- Affordable price with reliable quality
  • COLO-660-V

  • COLO

COLO-660-V Vibrating Powder Coating Machine

If you need to change colour frequently in a day, this vibration type powder coating machine is your right choice. Powder conveying happens directly from original box supplied by powder manufacturer. The box is typically placed on the base of the cart and powder is fully fluidized ensures smooth and uniform powder output.

COLO-660V employs pulse power technology, will repeatedly spray 20-40 times of current and voltage in a flash, assuring that the corner parts and the complicated workpiece can be well-proportioned coated.

vibration powder coating machine

Vibrating Powder Coaitng Machine Features

1. Digital setting and display for voltage and current, making the coating data clearer and more precise.

2. A high performance electrostatic spray gun is designed lightweight for powerful and long lasting use.

3. Constant flow leads to ultra-thin coating and rapid coating, reducing paint waste and increase production efficiency.

4. Compact and convenient Trolley is designed upon ergonomic and easy movement.

COLO-660 Powder Coating Machine Advantages

Colo-660 innovative design powder painting machine with four pre-programmed control options for easy of coating different parts based on many years improve. These one-touch intelligent operation buttons give you an quick access to powder coating.

powder coating gun controller2

1. Flat mode: Maximize voltage for super transfer efficiency for coating flat parts. 

2. Recoat mode:  Adjusts the voltage and current automatically for repeat coating. 

3. Complex mode: Adjusts the voltage while holding current with coating complicated shapes. 

4. Pulse mode: Rapidly and continuously recharges the powder to coat complex shapes and deep corners.