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Box Feed Powder Coating Unit

- Box feed type, ideal for frequently color change. - COLO-800D Intelligent controller, easy for beginner - 0-100kv voltage adjustable - COLO-08 high performance spray gun - High transfer efficiency and powder saving
  • COLO-800D-V
  • COLO

COLO-800D-V Box Feed Powder Coating Unit

Box feed powder coating unit is ideal for quick and easy color changes, designed to use the original carton from powder manufacturer,  placing it in an inclined vibration table allows complete emptying of the powder box via the fluidized suction tube. When users need to change color just change the powder carton without cleaning the container. 

This manual powder coating unit offers production-proven technology and performance at a surprisingly affordable price. Operator-friendly controller for conveninet use with optimal results

powder coating unit

Box Feed Powder Coating Unit Features

1. One-touch intelligent operation buttons - Three pre-sets application programs separately standing for flat parts, complicated parts and recoating jobs.

2. 0-100kv Voltage adjustable, precisely set and read by intelligent controller, powerful enough to handle any shape of parts.

3. Fully adjustable air for pump on conveying, atomizing and rinsing, offers great flexibility to different powder coating jobs.

4. Lightweight spray guns reduces efforts for long lasting work, with full array of nozzle assortment to optimize the coating application,