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KF-K1 Electrostatic Spray Powder Coating Machine

The K1 series powder coating machine with proved performance specially balanced for the maximum spray capability with the smoothest finish possible.
  • KF-K1-V


Electrostatic Spray Powder Coating Machine

KF-K1 Industrail powder coating machine pulls powder directly from the origianl powder box. The box is typically placed on the base of the trolley that holds the gun controls,  allows for quick color changes and simple, intuitive operation. Powders are fully fluidized through vibration and air injection that ensures high quality coating.

Electrostatic Spray Powder Coating Machine

Electrostatic Spray Powder Coating Machine

K1主机图 - 副本KF-K1 Powder Gun Controller

1. 0-100kv voltage adjustable.  Easily set values and read on digital display, which is powerful enough to handle any shape of parts.

2. For beginners we offer one-touch intelligent operation buttons that stands for three pre-sets application programs:

Flat coating: ideal for flat shape workpieces.

Corner coating: ideal for complex shape parts with deep corners.

Recoating: ideal for repairing coating.

COLO-08 Manual Spray Gun COLO-08 Manual Spray Gun Features

1. Only 500g powder gun body maintains all practical functions, ergonomical design is able to reduce operators' fatigue from working long hours.

2. 100 kV manual spray gun maximizes powder charging capacity meanwhile ensures safe operation and efficiency during long lasting use.

3. Nozzles are made of non-stick materials, professionally designed to minimize powder accumulation as well as enhance penetration ability.

KF-K1 Powder Coating Machine Technical Data

Gun Weight
Power source
AC 220V/110V
Input Voltage
Max Power Injection
Pulse Frequency
15~20 Clock /S
Gun Cable
5 meters
50-60 Hz
Max Output Current
150 μA
Output Voltage
100 KV
High Pressure Mode
Max Air Consumption
Working Temperature Range
-10 ~45°C

Powder Coating Machine Application

KF-K1 Industrial powder coating machines are widely used in the application of chairs to provide a high-quality, long-lasting, and visually appealing finish. The efficiency and versatility of powder coating processes make them popular in various industries, including furniture manufacturing.