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COLO-191S-F Best Industrial Powder Coating Equipment

- Powerful for beginners and specialists
- Outstanding powder coating results
- World's latest technology
- Any produts, any place, any powders
- Affordable and competitive price
  • COLO-191S

  • COLO

COLO-191S Best Industrial Powder Coating Equipment

COLO-191S Best powder coating equipment applies world's advanced technology, using easiest method to coat any difficult workparts. whose great performance provides superior quality finish. COLO has been working on industrial and commercial powder coating equipment for 10 years, we are devoted to developing most effective powder coating solutions within your budget.

Application: wheels, bike and bicycle accessories, machinery parts, agricultural tools, chair & table, cabinet, shelves,  window frame, iron gate, fence, LPG tank, fire extinguisher, aluminum profiles, heat sink, spring, metal plate, etc.

COLO-191S Powder Coating Equipment Features

powder coating gun system

1)DVC technology, always spraying right amoung of powders - Reduce Powder Waste

Realize precise regulations of the conveying and supplementary air to the venturi injector, always appying right amount of powders for each projects, easily to control powder film thickness consistency as well as saving powders.

2) Flexible to control all electrostatic and pneumatic data.

The DVC technology allows users flexiblely lower or heigher all data, including voltage, current, powder feeding, atomization air, etc. Thus even most complex parts and awkward corners can be coated with optimized settings. COLO-191S overcome Faraday cage effect and realize perfect coatings.

3) Three pre-set application modes for powder coating beginners

There are 3 intelligent buttons that covers most metal coating jobs, allows beginners quickly access to the application

Flat Mode: Suitable for large flat shape surfaces. Recoat Mode: This setting is for a previously painted part that needs more powder for repairing. Corner Mode: Allow powder to penetrate difficult-to-reach corners and angles.

4) 20 Storable application programs - recall whenever you need.

As specific powders or parts are set with individual paramters, the intelligent controller allows you store 20 application programs. you can instantly call them back whenever you need.

powder coating gun

5) COLO-08 patented manual spray gun - maximize charging capacity

100 kV manual spray gun maximize powder transder efficiency. The lightweight and ergonomical design enables you efficiently to do jobs at ease. Robust struction and high quality materials provies a longer service life.