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COLO-191S-V Quick Color Change Powder Coating Gun

- Ideal for muilti color application
- Quick and simple during color change
- Digital controlled all parameters
- Precise powder regulate ensures smooth output
- Superior quality finish with this advanced model
  • COLO-191S-V

  • COLO

COLO-191S Quick Color Change Powder Coating Gun

Quick color change powder coating guns is desiged for customer who has multi colors requiring frequent change. For this unit, powder conveying happens directly from original box supplied by powder manufacturer. The box is typically placed on the base of the cart and powder is fully fluidized through a installed vibration motor and air injection. Box feed powde coatings gives simple, intuitive operation at the same time ensures application quality.

COLO-191S Professional powder coating gun by using digital valve control technology offers precise powder feed adjusting and atomizing adjusting, thus a resulted consistent and smooth powder output leads to unifrom and quality finish.

191 powder coating gun

Configurations and Benefits

1) 0-100kv Voltage adjustable, powerful for versatile jobs.

2) Digital precise adjustment of powder output and supplementary air.

3) Three presets programs for panels, complicated shape parts and repair coating jobs.

4) Create and store 20 personalized application coating programs.

5) Lightweight spray guns with full array of nozzle assortment. 

6) Back cover of the guns has remote control of powder feed and program selection.

7) You can order small hoppers for more convenient operation.

8) Luxurious design and intrinsic quality are carefully crafted to meet the requirements of international business philosophy.

Why choose COLO-191S Powder Coating Guns?

powder coating gun controllerThe excellent advantage is that the electrostatic high voltage and current can be arbitrarily set to optimum values. This is best for spraying a variety of difficulties.

For example, the second-time coating requires high voltage and low current, so that repeated spraying reduces the orange peel phenomenon and achieves excellent results. 

An appropriate combination of current and voltage values to the greatest extent overcome the Faraday effect of the operation of the corona-type electrostatic coating equipment.