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Dustless Sandblasting Cabinet, Wet Blasting Cabinet for Sale

Wet Blasting Cabinet offers more delicate effect on surface cleaning. Uses a slurry pump to agitate the abrasive and water into a slurry mixture, causes no dust during the process. Benefits of water also includes cooling the impact of the abrasive, eliminating frictional heat, and reducing surface warping.
  • CL-1010W

  • COLO

  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

Dustless Sandblasting Cabinet, Wet Blasting Cabinet for Sale

Wet blasting cabinets deliver affordable, dust-free media blasting to efficiently clean and finish all kinds of parts. This process produces a smooth surface, a bright shine, and without static electricity which is common in dry blasting process.

Wet blasting is a dustfree process, it works by flow of water not by impact. The water acts as a lubricant between media and workparts, which could avoid media damage on some soft workparts, and to produce a smoother and finer finish. Wet sandblasting supports to degrease and blast clean simultaneously, increases working efficiency greatly. 

wet sandblast cabinet

wet sandblasting machine

Features of Wet Blasting Cabinet

1010W-6 - 副本 (2)

Cabinet Body

Cabinet body made of 100% corrosion free stainless steel construction ensures a long-lasting use. Compact and simple structure makes it easy to operate and maintain. 

1010W-6 - 副本

Viewing Window

The full-width window for the operator's view, with a low-voltage screen wiper and washing facility makes the visibility better. 

4 - 副本


Built with footswitch to controll the working process features much safer.

8 - 副本

Blast Gun

Special and high-performance wet blasting gun and boron carbide nozzles. And there is a blast gun holder fitted inside the cabinet, enabling the operator to present the components to the blast nozzle.

Some Applications of Wet Blasting Cabinet 

1. Surface finishing and degreasing of components in the automotive industries.

2. Removal of paint, rust, scale, carbon and similar deposits on workparts surface.

3. Surface preparation before powder coating, re-painting or re-coating.

4. Removal of burrs from manufactured components without damage to the object surface.

5. Clean plastic dies and molds.

Specifications of Wet Blasting Cabinet

Model CL-1010W
Outside Size 1100 * 1500 * 2000 mm
Working Size 1000 * 1000 * 800 mm
Loading Capacity 50-80 kg
Motor 2.2 kw
Air Requirement Flow 0.5-1.1 m3/min
Light  2*18W saving lamps
Blast Gun 1 pc of wet blast gun with 1 boron cabide nozzle (8mm)
Air Consumption for A Gun 0.4-0.8 Mbar
Volume of Abrasive & Water 25 L
Feed Abrasive 4-6 kg
Abrasive : Water
1 : 3
Voltage 380V / 220V (customized)