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Rotary Table Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet

Rotary Table Blasters designed to process a small batch of parts of various shapes and sizes. The key advantages of this system include its simple operating principle and its flexibility, since workpieces within a batch can differ in shape and size.As the guns blasting and swinging, the turntable rotates automatically, ensures an even cleaned or decorated surface.
  • KF-1010A-4A


Rotary Table Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet 

This automatic sandblasting cabinet improves working efficiency with lease manual efforts. As the guns blasting and swinging, the turntable rotates automatically, ensures an even cleaned or decorated surface.

Turntable blast cabinet is suitable for blasting bigger / heavier, often cylindrical products. The media blasting is being carried out at a turntable which can be set manual or automatic rotating.

This is an intelligent sand blasting cabinet developed by Kafan which applies to any blasting requirements from manual to fully automatic with multiple moving guns, while workparts turn on a turntable for an even blasting result. Ideal for wheel refurbishing, mould cleaning, deburring, roughenning, etc.

Rotary Table Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet Features

  1. Custom design Available, the quantity of blast guns can be customized as required, 2pcs, 3pcs, 4pcs or more.

  2. Each auto blasting gun can be individually controlled with adjustable swing angle and speed.

  3. Turntable can be made with different diameters or thickness for special objects.

  4. Equipped with an extra manual gun controlled by foot switch for cleaning of hard-to-reach corners.

  5. Working turntable can be set for manual or automatically rotated as needed.

  6. Smart control panel combines all functions, blast time setting, blast gun working, dust removing, etc.

  7. Each blast cabinet includes durable aluminum alloy blast gun with 100% purity boron carbide nozzle.

  8. A dust collector effectively keeps the dust away and leaves a clear working chamber for operators.

  9. Standardly configured with filter cartridge unit and fan motor for efficiently dust removing.

Rotary Table Automatic Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications



Outer dimension(L*W*H):


Working chamber dimension(L*W*H):

Qty of Blast Gun4pcs

Power supply:

220V, 50HZ (voltage can be customized as local)

Machine light power:

220V, LED* 2

Compressed air source:


Air flow:

0.8-3m3/min dry and clean compressed air

Separator air volume:


Dust removal method

Cartridge Filter Type

Blasting cabinet net weight