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High Pressure Sandblast Cabinet

Pressure blast cabinets are designed for maximum productivity and operating efficiency, it is the optimal choice for mold cleaning, extrusion die cleaning and stripping applications. It makes blasting work 3 times faster than siphon blast cabinet.
  • CL-1212P

  • COLO

  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

High Pressure Sandblast Cabinet

High presssure blast cabinet is ideal for tough jobs, applications where large surfaces can be cleaned quickly, and thick unwanted laryers can be removed easily. Pressure blast cleaning jobs allows the use of heavy media or large mesh sizes.

press sandblasting

Features of Wet Blasting Cabinet

  • Each blast cabinet includes durable aluminum alloy blast gun with 100% purity boron carbide nozzle.

  • An air blowing gun to clean impregnated dust and blasted abrasives.

  • Foot pedal switch controls the blasting gun, which reduces user's fatigue and ensures safety

  • Hgh performance pressure pot improves processing quality, reduces compressed air consumption.

  • Our blast cabinet is constructed from high quality 2mm steel plate and powder-coated after assembled.


Blast Chamber


Control Panel


Pressure Pot


Blast Gun with Boron Carbide Nozzle


Air Blowing Gun


Foot Switch

We Have 2 Designs of Pressure Blast Cabinet


Filter Cartrige Dust Collector

It incorperates a filter cartridge type dust collector, effectively removing dust from operation chamber that ensures clear visibility.

pressure blast machine (4) - 副本

Cyclone Separator + Filter Dust Collector

It is designed with a cyclone separator before the filter dust collector, which can recycle ultra-fine abrasives from the dust particles.

How pressure blaters works?

Pressure blaster mix the media in a grit valve that is pressurized and then the mixture is pushed through the hose to the nozzle. This greatly accelerate the travelling at which the media leaves the nozzle thus increasing impact force, maximizing productivity and operating efficiency substantially.

CL-1212P Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications



Overall Dimension

Length1650 * Width1200 * Height2100mm

Work Chamber

Length1200 * Width1200 * Height800mm

Dust Collector SizeL430*W430*H1600mm

Pressure Pot Size


Power Supply


Lighting18w fluorescent
Blast Gun1pcs with boron carbide bozzle
Compressed Air Pressure5-8 bar
Flow0.5-1.2 m^3/min