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Alloy Wheel Sandblasting Cabinet

The COLO-1212FTA manual blast cabinets incorporate a turntable with loading cart used to operates heavy objects with minimal force. Cleaning, deburring, descaling, rust-removing, refurbishing some of alloy wheels, castings, molds and so on.This can be the pretreatment for subsequent processing,or to get a final smooth and clean surface for users.
  • COLO-1212FTA

  • COLO

  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

Alloy Wheel Sandblasting Cabinet

The manual sandblasting cabinet with turntable and loading cart is specially designed for an easy operation of heavy objects, such as alloy wheels. The turntable provides 360 degree rotating action manually, which greatly reduce the efforts to directly move the wheels. The cart is ideal to push the wheel from outside to inside at ease.

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Wheel Blasting Cabinet Features

  1. Filter cartidge dust removing system effectively collects dust which leaves a clear working view, ensures the airflow discharged to the atmosphere is dustfree.

  2. Each blast cabinet includes durable aluminum alloy casting blast gun with durable boron carbide nozzle, as well as a pair of wear-resistent gloves.

  3. Foot pedal switch to control the work of blasting gun, which reduces the user’s fatigue, facilitates the operation and ensures the safety.

  4. The used abrasives is delivered to the bottom funnel, then sucked to the blast gun for continuous utilization, such recycling of abrasive saves cost a lot.

  5. With simple pressure regulation systems, power on/off, dust removing on/off switches.

IMG_5646(3)Cartridge Filter Dust Collector

MLF08063 Turntable and cart

Blasting Working Chamber

Applications of Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet

1. Pretreatment of electroplating, powder coating and other production to completely clean the surface and improve the adhesion and corrosion-resistant ability.

2. Cleaning the surface of metal and non-metal parts, restoring grain pattern on some handiwork.

3. Refurnishing sports part of car, motorcycle to eliminate fatigue stress and extend working lifespan.

4. Removing surface marks of metal/non-metal workpiece, matt face treatment to enhance the product grade.

5. Carving patterns and slip resistance treatment on the surface of metal and non-metal parts, such as marble, handle anti-skid, stamping, stele lettering, etc.

Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet Specifications



Overall Dimension


Work Chamber

Length1200*Width1200 x Height800mm


Diameter 800mm (Maximum Load 200kgs)

Door Size


Power Supply


Motor Power


Main Structure

Working chamber

Cartridge filter dust collector

Electric controll system

Pnuematic control system

Rotating Turtable

Loading Cart and track


Spare parts

Sandblasting gun with boron carbide nozzle

Air blowing gun

Blasting hose

Sandblasting gloves

pressure regulator

air moisture separator