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Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet for Sale

This sandblaster cabinet with cyclone and dust removal system which can separate dust and abrasives for constant blasting cycles, features economical and practical. This machine works with different abrasives will achieve different effect, work with glass bead to create a matte finish, aluminum oxide grit to carve decorative pattern or cleaning, and other abrasives to tackle a wide variety of projects.
  • CL-1212

  • COLO

  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet for Sale

CL-1212 Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet is designed for surface treatment of various metal or non-metal parts, working size L1200*W1200*H800 mm meets requirements of general productions. Our sandblasting cabinets come standard with industrial quality, rugged components typically found only on higher production machines. 

cyclone blasting system

Features of Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet

1. Installed with cyclone separator to separate dust from abrasives, allow abrasives to be recycled for multi times.

2. Cartridge filter dust collecter captures dust that comes out of production, provides a clear operation field of vision.

3. Built to last with durable steel plate welded, whose surface is powder coated, sturdy and wear-resistance.

4. Design of foot controlled pedal is convenient for users to control the machine.

5. Blasting gun is combined with alloy body holder and durable boron carbide nozzle. 

cyclone sandblaster

Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet Specifications

Model: CL-1212  

Outside size: L1620*W1200*H1800 mm

Cabin size: L1200*W1200*H800 mm 

Number of guns: 1 (boron carbide nozzle)

Max loading: 100-500kgs as request  

Packing: wooden case  

Item: sandblasting machine  

Power supply: 220V/380V  

Separator motor: 0.75kw  

Lighting: 18w fluorescent

Air source requirement: pressure 7bar (kg/ square meter)

Applications of Industrial Sandblaster Cabinet

1. Pretreatment of electroplating, powder coating and other production to completely clean the surface and improve the adhesion and corrosion-resistant ability.

2. Cleaning the surface of metal and non-metal parts, restoring grain pattern on some handiwork.

3. Refurnishing sports part of car, motorcycle to eliminate fatigue stress and extend working lifespan.

4. Removing surface marks of metal/non-metal workpiece, matt face treatment to enhance the product grade.

5. Carving patterns and slip resistance treatment on the surface of metal and non-metal parts, such as marble, handle anti-skid, stamping, stele lettering, etc.