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Manual Double Station Sandblasting Cabinet

Multi-station sandblasting cabinets designed with over 2 working stations that used to handle oversized workpieces, We can custom blast cabinets with special sizes and configurations for your needs.
  • CL-2010-2A
  • COLO
  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

Manual Double Station Sandblasting Cabinet

Manual multi-station sandblasting cabinets are recommended to handle the workpieces of relatively large sizes, designed to be allowed 2 or more workers operating at the same time that improves the work efficiency.

multi station cabinet

COLO Sandblasting Cabinet Features

  • A dust collector effectively removes dust that keep a clear working view and dustfree surroundings.

  • Each blast cabinet includes durable aluminum alloy blast gun with 100% purity boron carbide nozzle.

  • An air blowing gun to clean impregnated dust and blasted abrasives.

  • Foot pedal switch controls the blasting gun, which reduces user's fatigue and ensures safety

  • Our blast cabinet is constructed from high quality 3mm steel plate and powder-coated after assembled.



Customer-made Multi-station Sandblasting Cabinet

We can custom multi-station sandblast cabinet with different sizes and styles, such as three station blast cabinet, double-station wet blast cabinte, large pressure blast cabinet.

Any special demands pls contact with us!

CL-2010-2A Double Station Blasting Cabinet Specifications



Overall Dimension


Working Chamber

Length2000*Width1000 x Height850mm

Power Supply


Motor Power


Lighting18w fluorescent
Blast Gun2pcs with boron carbide bozzle
Compressed Air Pressure3-8 bar
Flow0.5-1.2 m^3/min

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