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Wet Vapor Blasting Machine for Sale

Wet sandblasting uses a high-pressure water jet pump for sandblasting, and is currently widely used in surface treatment, paint removal and rust prevention. Wet blasting is widely used in engineering, heavy engineering, manufacturing, construction and other industries.
  • KF-1212W


Wet Vapor Blasting Machine Descripsion

In wet blasting, abrasive components are mixed with water jets to create an abrasive spray. This abrasive spray is sprayed on the surface, breaking up small pieces of unwanted coating corrosion or other unwanted substances, resulting in an ideal recoating metal polish.

Power washers with wet blaster kits are the best choice for industrial users who require powerful water blasting capabilities. These powerful pressure washers can also be used with a variety of grit sizes and media types, such as baking soda or plastic pellets, for added versatility. The larger the grit used in the equipment, the more abrasive the blasting process will be.

Wet Vapor Blasting Machine Features

  1. Made 3mm thick stainless steel with powder-coated surface, rigid and anti-rust.

  2. Low voltage windscreen wiper and wash facility to maintain visibility throughout.

  3. Durable wet blast gun with 8mm boron carbide nozzles specially for wet blasting process.

  4. Reliable foot pedal controls the working of blast gun to increase operation safety.

  5. A demister at the back of the machine for better view of blasting process.

  6. Abrasive can be effectively recycled that causes less consumption.

  7. Simple structured wet blast cabinet requires less maintenance.

Wet Vapor Blasting Machine Specifications

Outer size1300*1600*2000mm
Working area1200*1200*800mm
Motor 2.2Kw
Air requirementflow 0.5-1.1m^3/min
Light2*18w saving lamps
Blast Gun1 pc of wet blast gun with 1 boron cabide nozzle (8mm)
Air consumption for 1 gun0.4-0.8Mbar
Volume of abrasive & water25L
Suitable abrasive

Glass beads(for aluminum, stainless steel)

Brown Aluminum Oxide(stell or other)80#-320#

Feed abrasive4-6kg
Abrasive : Water1:3
Voltage380V/220V 3 phase (customized)