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Manual Powder Coating Equipment for Multi Color

- Box feed type for multi color - Easy operation, simple structure requires less maintenance - Intelligent controller with all the function you need. - Pulse coating technology, perfect for deep corners - Affordable price, quick delivery.
  • COLO-668-V
  • COLO

COLO-668-V Manual Powder Coating Equipment

This manual powder coating equipment combines production-proven spray gun, easy-to-use controller, with a rugged, two-wheel trolley and vibratory box feeder to provide exceptionally affordable and versatile powder coating jobs

Box feed powder painting equipment is designed for quick changes of multi-color application, directly using the powder manufacturer's original carton without hopper, placing at the inclined vibration table allows complete emptying of the powder box via the fluidized suction tube. The vibration motor gives sufficient fluidizing and ensures consistent as well as smooth powder feeding.

manual powder coating equipment

Manual Powder Coating Equipment Features

1) 0-100KV digital adjustable for voltage and current, perfect of coating efficiency and powerful for any application jobs.

2) Fully adjustable air for pump on pressure, flexible to set conveying, atomizing and nozzle rinsing air.   

3) Comes with a high performance spray gun with full array of nozzle assortment.

4) Compact design with a stable trolley is designed upon ergonomic and easy movement.

5) Standard model, always in stock, quick delivery and reliable quality.

COLO-668 Powder Coating Machine Advantages

Colo-668 has an intelligent controller allows precisely set voltage and current with clear output. Besides, there are 4 pre-programmed control options for easy of coating different parts based on many years improve. Corner Mode, Recoat Mode, Pulse Mode, Flat Mode, these one-touch intelligent operation buttons give you an quick access to powder coating.

manual powder coating equipment

What is pulse coating? The existing corona coating was difficult to coat a corner or recessed place with a high current because of electrostatic sheild. In an attempt to resolve such a problem, if you lower voltage and change powder with a low current, it leads to weaken electrostatic force to cause powder to run down. Pulse coating is a great and new style that repeatedly changes powder with a low current and a high voltage at intervals of short time, powerfully coat electrostatic shield area with powder savings.