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COLO-660 Affordable Price Powder Coating Painting Machine

- Classic model, cost-effective 
- Proved quality and performace 
- 4 presets: flat coating, corner coating, re-coating, pulse coating 
- Pulse coating is ideal for penetration deep corners 
- Compact design, save space
  • COLO-660

  • COLO

Affordable Price Powder Coating Painting Machine

COLO-660 Manual powder coating painting machine with afforable price is our classic and hot-selling model, fine coating effects and it's especially suitable for spraying workpiece with deep corners in great performance. It comes with user-friendly one-touch operation buttons, which is convenient to change the shape for coating, and create perfect finish for an kinds of parts. The reliable quality ensures minimum operation cost or maintenance costs.

powder coating machine
powder coating machine

Configurations & Benefits of COLO-660 Powder Coating Machine

powder coating machine

1) 0-100KV digital adjustable for voltage and amperage, perfect for powder coating effect.

2) Fully adjustable air for pump on pressure, dosage and nozzle rinsing air.

3) Field Tested and Proven to Operate in the Toughest Environments.

4) Stainless steel powder hopper is simple to clean and fluidizes the powder effectively.

5) Compact and convenient trolley is designed for easy movement.

Features of COLO-660 Powder Coating Gun Controller

COLO-660 powder coating machine with innovative design has four pre-programmed control options for spraying different parts. These one-touch intelligent operation buttons give you an quick access to powder coating.

1) Flat mode: Maximize voltage for super transfer efficiency for coating flat parts. 

2) Recoat mode:  Adjusts the voltage and current automatically for repeat coating. 

3) Complex mode: Adjusts the voltage while holding current with coating complicated shapes. 

4) Pulse mode: Rapidly and continuously recharges the powder to coat complex shapes and deep corners. 

powder coating gun controller2

COLO-660 Powder Coating Painting Machine Technical Data

Input Power 50W
Input Power Voltage 110V-120V AC,220V-230V AC
Output power voltage 0 ~100KV
Output Current 0~150uA
Weight of Gun 480g
Length of Gun Cable 6m
Stainless Steel Powder Hopper Capacity 55L
Work temperature range -5°C to 40°C

What is pulse powder coating?

The existing corona coating was difficult to coat a corner or recessed place with a high current because of electrostatic sheild. In an attempt to resolve such a problem, if you lower voltage and change powder with a low current, it leads to weaken electrostatic force to cause powder to run down. 

Pulse coating is a great and new style that repeatedly changes powder with a low current and a high voltage at intervals of short time, powerfully coat electrostatic shield area with powder savings. 

Powder is conveyed from powder hopper by injectors then delivered to the spray gun through powder hose, when it arrived at the nozzle, it is electrostatically charged at the nozzle of the gun. In addition, an electrostatic field is created between the gun nozzle and the grounded object. The charged powder spray remains adhered to the surface of the object. The powder in the hopper is fluidized by air forced through a porous plastic plate from below.  The voltage, conveying air, supplementary air, and rinsing air are set on the control unit 

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