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What is a high performance powder coating gun system?

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Powder Spray Gun

Spray gun aims to make the powder in a good atomization state and fully charged to ensure it could uniformly and efficiently adsorbed to the surface of workpiece. While its safety, reliability, lightweight structure, easy operation and other integrative factors should also be considered.

1. The sprayed-out powders are fully charged due to a 100kv built-in cascade
2. Powders can be uniformly deposited on the surface of workpiece.
3. Good atomization, no powder accumulation and spitting,
4. Able to spray complex surface, such as corners, recesses.
5. Adapt to different amount of powder at a scale of 50-400g/min.
6. The spraying geometry can be adjusted. Diameter about 150-450mm.
7. Lightweight, effortless during long time work.

Powder Gun Controller

High voltage can be digitaly adjusted and displayed from 0-100kv. the powder feeding air and atomizing ar can be regulated by digital for a precise value, leads to smooth, gentle, delicate powder output, thus ensure superior quality finish.

Latest powder coating gun controller has the pre-sets for coating different shapes, such as panels, profiles, a special "pulse" mode is desiged to overcome faraday cage area.

Advanced gun controller allows workers store the created processing parameters up to 20 programs.

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