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What is Pulse Power technology for powder coating?

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pulse powder coating machine

COLO “Pulse Power” is an innovative corona charging method that provides excellent transfer efficiencies, with superior powder penetration into corners, a perfect technology to beat Faraday Cage effect.

Without adjustment of the powder gun, this pulse repeatly charge to the external electrode Several times a second. The continuous pulsing prevents a build-up of free ions on the electrode, obtains a smoother powder transfer.

The rapid on-off-on-off of the charge allows the powder to be carried by momentum into recessed or Faraday Cage areas. Also, reducing free ions minimizes back-ionization and orange peel for an even and perfect quality finish.

COLO-660 & COLO-668 powder coating machine with pulse power style, significantly save powder by 20% comparing, specially balanced for the maximum spray capability with the much more smooth finish.

pulse powder coating system

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