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Security Fence Powder Coating Solution

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Many painting enthusiasts and fence manufacturers choose powder coating to do surface treatment for their security fences, not only decorative ability of powder coating, but also its reliable quality, corrosion resistance and longer service life is the point.

What is powder coating?


Powder coating is a process of coating metal with a plastic finish applied in powder form and baked to a fluid state to bond it to the metal surface. This process can create a harder finish that is tougher than conventional paint. This coating method has been proven more durable and attractive in protecting products. These products are less susceptible to environmental damage such as moisture, extreme weather conditions, chemicals and ultraviolet light and are less likely to fade, scratch, chip or wear in general.

How to powder coat security fence? 

From pretreatment to curing, COLO provides the whole system for powder coating security fence, including pretreatment process, powder spray guns, powder coating booth and curing oven, ranges from small scale to batch production, manual solution to automatic line.

1.Pretreatment Process

To get the best powder coating effect, surfaces of workpiece which will be coating must be clean. A good pretreatment allows the powder coating to better bond physically to the workpiece, withstand exterior weathering, and prevents flash rust prior to powder coating. 

There are two pretreatment methods that COLO provides for our clients, dipping and spraying. It uses chemical agent to remove dust, grease, or any other contaminants.

2.Automatic Powder Coating System

COLO-191S Automatic Powder Coating Spray Gun and COLO-2200D PLC Controlled Powder Coating Reciprocator is a high-efficiency combination to accomplish continuous production, smooth and uniform powder coating.

All automatic powder spray gun controllers are combined by a central control cabinet, which can easily set all processing parameters. Quantity of spray guns is based on actual production and application.

3.Powder Coating Spray Booth

For multiple colors, cyclone powder booth is the better choice. It ensures extremely high levels of powder recovery 98%. Prevents accumulation of the powder and makes it easy to clean and change color quickly. Unique rotary wing cleaning mechanism prolongs the lifespan of cartridge filter.

For single color, basic filter cartridge powder coating booth is more economical.

4.Powder Coating Curing Oven

Powder coating ovens are built with 100mm thick rock wool board to maintain constant temperature. Using gas/diesel enables quick heating, temperature reach to to 180 ° C in 15-20 minutes. Circulation fan motor makes uniform heat distribution. Powder coated security fence will get a quality finish with consistent gloss and color.

This is a customer case of our Automatic Powder Coating Line in USA for security fence.

Based on:

1. Powder Coating Object: 
a)Items: Aluminum, Steel, Max Size: 2500×72mm(L×dia), 30 kgs/piece,
b)Items: Aluminum, Steel, Max Size: 3300×1200×120mm,130kgs/piece.

2.Powder Coating Method: Automatic Powder Coating + Manual

3.Workshop Area: 35000×6000×4500mm(L×W×H)

security fence powder coating

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