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How to powder coat motorcycle parts

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Powder Coating is one of the strongest coatings you can put on a part of your vehicle, a surface protected by a layer of powder coat is more resistant to scratches and the impacts such as uv, moisture, etc

The advantage of this kind of surface treatment is the speed, quality and durability of the paints and their various uses. The mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the colors themselves are very favorable as well. It also exhibits lower process costs and allows for the recycling of colors. Powder coating can also be regarded as more environmentally friendly than wet paint

Motorcycle Parts for Powder Coating

  • Wheel: hubs, rims, alloy

  • Frame and parts: Most frames, HD and Chopper frames, Swing arms, Triple clamp top, Triple clamp bottom, Bars low rise, Bars Chopper, Fork legs (pair), Fork legs brushed alloy over, Oil Tank

  • Engine: Barrels, Heads, Engine casing, Polished fins.

Virtually any alloy or metal component can be powder coated, it all comes down to understanding how the component performs and using the correct preparation techniques to successfully apply the desired finish.

The process and equipment of powder coating motorcycle parts.

1. Sandblasting Machine

Before powder coating, the motorcycle parts should be pre-treated by a sandblaster in order to remove grease, oil, dust, rust, dirt and other contaminants from the surface, thus increase the adhesion and get a better quality powder coating.

2. Powder Coating Gun

Thickness of application can be critical,  a professional powder coating gun is necessary which precisely micro-adjust the powder reguate, it causes thin and uniform coating layer. COLO powder coating machine also meets the demands of corner penetration under a simple operation.

3. Powder Coating Recovery Booth

A powder spray booth is used captures excess powders during application and creates a particle-free working consition compliant with environment standards. For another purpose, powder coating booth oftern incorporates a recovery stage to separate powders from air for reclamation in order to save cost. COLO supply a variety of powder coating booths for motorcycle parts.

4. Powder Coating Curing Oven

The powder coating oven is a closed insulation space that constructed by rockwool board, can be heated by electricity, gas or diesel, while a fan cycles hot air through the entire dimension ensures even temperature. COLO powder coating oven is energy-saving and uniform heating.

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