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Metal Door Powder Coating Plant

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metal door powder coating

 Design Principles:

  1. Workshop area: 47 x 8 x 3.85m
  2. Workpieces size: H2500 xW 1000mm *T150mm/W3000*H1000mm*T150mm
  3. Weight of workpiece: 100kgs
  4. Dry oven and Curing Oven:Natural Gas Type Heating

Production Procedure:
1. Dipping pretreatment → 2. Drying oven → 3. Uploading → 4. Workpieces into spray booth→ 5. After spraying the workpieces will go into the curing oven(20~25min, 180~200℃)→ 6. Go out of the oven, and natural cooling→ 7. Unloading workpieces

Pretreatment                                          1 Set
1. Sus304# * t2.5mm material
2.Size L3m* W1m* H1.5m
3.Four tanks
4.6 pcs Hanging basket size:L2.8* W0.85* H0.8m, can packaging 7pcs workpieces;carbon steel
5,For three tanks: the heater is fifty thousand calories for each one, Gas heating, RIELLO heater(mode GS5), indirect fired ,heater booth with sus316#* t2.5mm material.Gas construction2.3~5.8m³/h for each.

Powder Coating Booth

External Dimension: 6m ×1.2m ×3.0m (L×W×H)
Exhaust blower:15KW,1 pcs

Booth Panel    Galvanized Steel 1.5mm
Main Frame    A3 Steel Profile
Sealing Glue    Form Glue
Powder Cleaning System    Air Cylinder

Drying Oven
e.Dimension: 22m ×2.5M/4.45m × 3.5m(L×W×H)
f.Internal Capacity: about 264M3
g.Three hundred thousand calories, RIELLO
h.Fan 7.5kw


Thickness 100mm Insulation Form, External panel by cold roll steel ,0.6mm thickness, Internal panel by Galvanized Steel, 1 mm thickness.

 Curing Oven Heating System With Air Circulation System 

【Equipment Information】
Main Frame    A3 Steel Panel (2mm and 3mm)
Heat Insulation    Mineral Form and Siliconized Aluminium Form
Heater model    RIELLO(RS34)
Flame Adjustment    Single Control
Circulating Fan    Maximum Temp. 300 Centigrade, 1 Set
Fan Maximum Wind Flow    12637m3/h
Fan Maximum Pressure    1119pa
Fan Power    10KW
Maximum Temp. Resistant    300 Centigrade
Temp. Control Accuracy Output    ±2℃

【Oven Parameters】
Temp Control Accuracy    ±5℃
Temp. Range    Room Temp. – 200 C
Tunnel Hot Air Circulation    5000~10000m3/h
Heat Up Time    15~20min ( Room Temp to 180 C)
Temp Control Mode     Automatic Calculating Controller

With air curtain and 2m infra-red in the enter of the oven,and with curtain in the exit of the oven.

Auto Spraying Guns Powder Coating System        1 Set

【Main Configuration】
1. Centralized Control Box    1 set
2. Internal Static Electricity Generated Guns     8 Sets
3. Air pipe and Powder Pipes and 12 V Control Cable    8pcs
4. Powder Supplying/ storage unit    1Sets
5. Sieving machine    1 sets
【Main Parameters】
1、Spray Gun with auto cleaning function, internal high voltage template, input voltage 12V, output voltage 0 – 100KV
2、 Gun Spraying Rate:2~7kg/h
3、Control Cable: 10000mm (Length), simple connector, one way control
4、Control Box: Short-circuit protection

Conveyor System

1.    Conveyor System:
a)Work pieces are hung on the conveyor line
with suitable jigs, standard conveyor chain is selected
with suitable railing, with 250A chain,single point bear
weight of 50kgs.
b)Speed Control:  from 0~2m/min;
c)Emergency Stop function to ensure production safety, 4pcs;
d)Driving Unit has overload, short circuit protection;
e)Proper sealing installed in the powder coating booth to prevent powder entering conveyor line;
f)Auto Greaser unit

2        Conveyor Line Parameters:
Double Point Hanging Weight    100kg
Maximum Temp Allow    300℃
Drive Mode    Inverter Control, Chain Conveyance, 2 Set
Driving Unit Motor    2.2 kw, 1 Set, Inverter Speed Control               
Tension Control Unit    Weight Control Type, 1Set           
Greaser Unit    Auto Greaser Unit, 1Set            

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