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How to refurbish and powder coat wheels?

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Many DIY hobbyists or vehicle shop would like to have a powder coating system for refurbishing or decorating wheels for their cars, bikes, motorcycle, etc. The reason is that powdercoating is more wear-resistent then wet painting when exposed to the sun and rains, what's more you can choose various of powder in different colors and effects., making your ride or drive more attactive. As long as you use the right tools by right steps, you can come up with a great finished product! 

What is powder coating? 

Powder coating is the process of applying a dry powdered paint compound made of pigments, specialized resins and fillers that melt and fuse together during the curing process to form a coated finish. The solid powder particles are electrostaticaly charged when exiting from the air powered spray gun, then attracted to the positively charged work surface that holds them during the high temperature curing process which can reach to 250 degree.

How to powder coat wheels?

COLO supply full equipment package for wheel pretreatment to powder coating, including sandblasing machine, powder coating gun, powder spray booth and curing oven, ranges from small scale to batch production.

1. Sandblasting Machine

Before powder coating, the wheels should be pre-treated by a sandblaster in order to remove impurities from the surface, thus increase the adhesion and get a better quality powder coating.

A pressure blast cabinet is highy recommended since it can do the finish jobs in much shorter time and better effect. With stronger blasting force the pressure blaster achieves a quick removal of scales, rust, oxides, or other contaminants, leading to an absolutely clean surface for subsequent procedures.

2. Powder Coating Gun

A high performance powder coating gun is necessary to do wheel coatig jobs.  COLO-191S professional powder coating gun basically features 0-100kv voltage adjustable that offers powerful and efficient coating, the utilization of digital valve controlled technology allows you easily and precisely controll all parameters. This model meets the demands of uniform coating layer and superior corner penetration under a simple operation.

3. Powder Coating Recovery Booth

The powder coating process should be done in a spray booth which captures excess powders during application and creates a particle-free working consition compliant with environment standards. For another purpose, powder coating booth oftern incorporates a recovery stage to separate powders from air for reclamation in order to save cost. A simple and ecomomic filter booth is recommended during wheel powder coating.

4. Powder Coating Curing Oven

The powder coating oven is a closed insulation space that constructed by rockwool board, taking use of electric energy that creates hot air to increase the internal temperature, whlle a fan motor cycles hot air through the entire dimension ensures even temperature. Powder coated alloy wheels will get a quality finish with consistant gloss and colors.

Why powder coating wheels?

It offers extreme durability. Because of the characteristic of the powdercoating, the powder-coated metal parts will not blister, peel, rust, or crack over the years and seasons, it will retain its beauty no matter how servere weather outside.

It is environmentally friendly. Plus, unlike liquid painting, powders don't emit dangerous volatile organic compounds, it is an green coating material causing no harm to health and environment during operation.

It comes in many different colors. You can select any color of the rainbow for your powder coating, as well as various effect, matte or gloss, wrinkles or flat.  If you can dream it, they can produce it.

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