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Powder Coating Plant for Pallet Rack

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pallet rack powder coating plant

Powder coating is a durable and protective surface treatment that has become ubiquitous in pallet rack or strorage shelves.

In electrostatic powder coatingprocess, a specialized spray gun applies electrically charged powder to grounded metal parts. The sprayed parts are then placed in a curing oven, where the coating chemically reacts with heat to form long molecular coverage film with high cross-link density, making it tougher and than paint.

Unlike paint, powder coating does not rely on a liquid solvent, without emiting dangerous volatile organic compounds, environmental friendly and heathy for workers.

As a 10 years manufacturer of powder coating equipment and system, we happen to many customers seeking automatic powder coating solution for pallet, thus we have design, produce and install a variety of plant for aluminum profile factories.

Here is a customer case of our automatic powder coating plant in USA for pallet rack.

Design Principles:
1. Powder Coating Object:  pallet rack upright & beam, structural I beams
Size:  L408"*W5"*H60", 35000pcs/year
2. Powder Coating Method: Automatic
3. Curing Oven: Nature gas Type Heating,
4. Work Programme: 12 hour/shift,270working days/year

Production Procedure:
Transport -- Work Piece Loading -- Degreasing phosphating -- Rinse1 -- Rinse 2 -- Dehydration oven (80-110℃) -- Automatic Powder Coating -- Leveling -- Powder Curing (16--20 minutes, 180~220℃) -- coolin -- Unloading

Powder Coating Plant Components

Spraying Tunnel
1 Set
Drying Tunnel 
1 Set
Powder Coating Booth with Cyclone System   
1 Set
Manual Electrostatic Powder Coating Guns
2 Sets
Auto Electrostatic PowderSpray Guns with Control 
10 Sets
COLO-2000D Powder Coating Reciprocators2 Sets
Powder Curing Tunnel Heat Circulation System1 Set
Power and Free Conveyor System1 Set
Electronic Control System 
1 Set


1 Conveyor system

Type: power and free conveyor system

Powder coating line speed: 0.25 to 2.5 m/min adjustable

The max. hanging weight of single point: 200kg.

2. Spraying tunnel
Automatic circulating pump + pressure injection parts, reach cleaning
Size: L12m*W1.2M*H 2.0m
Material: stainless steel plate,
Circulation spraying pump: 3PCS 2.2kw

3. Dehydration drying tunnel
The outer size of tunnel: L22000×W1200×H2500mm
Type: Straight-through type
The thickness of insulation layer: 100mm
Heating time: About 7-8min
Heating temperature: Natural temperature ~140℃ adjustable
Gas burner Italy Riello, 200,000cal
Fan  motor: 7.5KW

4. Powder Coating Booth
External Dimension: 6000×1400×2100mm (L×W×H)
With self-cleaning function, high separation efficiency mono cyclone + post filter secondary recovery
device. Automatic lifts with PLC control and the powder supply center of cleaning system
included :
a large cyclone separator 1set;
Movable lower conical hopper 1piece;
Venturi powder pumping apparatus 2 sets;
A large cyclone to filter pipeline 1 set;
Imported film filter: 12pieces
rotary cleaning device: 12pieces
Recycling of accumulated powder hopper: 1piece;
Accumulated powder barrel quick-clamping devices:1set;
Filter differential pressure monitoring system:1set

5. Auto Spraying Guns Powder Coating System     

1. Centralized Control Box    1 set
2. Automatic spray gun system CL-161S     10Sets
3. Sieving machine with powder hopper 100L    1 sets
4. Powder coating reciprocator 2sets

Powder Curing Tunnel

Dimension: 47000×1200×2500mm(L×W×H)
Special design for the curing oven tunnel to minimize heat loss when work pieces enter and exit the oven. The oven panel is of assemble type.
Temp Control Accuracy    ±5℃
Temp. Range:  180℃- 250℃

Tunnel Hot Air Circulation:    12637m3/h
Baking time(empty:)    About 40min
Heat Up Time    20~25min ( Room Temp to 180 C)
Gas burner:   Italy Riello ,200000kcal,quantity 2pcs
Heat exchanger:    The thickness 3mm SUSU304 stainless steel
Temp Control Mode:    Simple PLC Automatic Calculating Controller

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