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Powder Coating Plant for Pallet Rack

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Powder coating is a durable and protective surface treatment that has become ubiquitous in pallet rack or strorage shelves.

pallet rack powder coating plant

In electrostatic powder coating process, a specialized spray gun applies electrically charged powder to grounded metal parts. The sprayed parts are then placed in a curing oven, where the coating chemically reacts with heat to form long molecular coverage film with high cross-link density, making it tougher and than paint.

Unlike paint, powder coating does not rely on a liquid solvent, without emiting dangerous volatile organic compounds, environmental friendly and heathy for workers.

As a 10 years manufacturer of powder coating equipment and system, we happen to many customers seeking automatic powder coating solution for pallet, thus we have design, produce and install a variety of plant for factories.

What's the required equipment for automatic powder coating?

Pre-Treatment Equipment:  It is a vital step that determines the durability and longevity of the end product, In automatic production line, it use chemical to remove dust, grease, or any other contaminants. This ensures that the surface is clean for enhanced adhesion and to prevent defects.  There are 2 pre-treatment methods, dipping and spraying based on actual conditions.


Powder Spraying Equipment: In automatic line, there are reciprocators that carries several pcs of auto powder spray guns spraying powders when the conveyed parts pass through the station. 

Powder Coating Booth. An automatic powder booth that effectively recycling powder overspray and keep the environment clean. For multi color application, a cyclone booth system is recommmended that could reduce color change time to improve efficiency.


Curing Oven: Objects are heated in an powder coating oven at a fixed temperature, causing the powder to melt uniformly, thus forming a hard and durable coating film when cooled.

Conveyor System: Automatically transport workparts to each working station, whose speed should match with powder spraying time and curing time.

This is a customer case of our automatic powder coating plant in USA for pallet rack.

Based on workparts size: L408" x W5" x H60", production: 35000pcs/year

automatic powder coating pallet rack

Production Procedure:
Transport -- Work Piece Loading -- Degreasing phosphating -- Rinse1 -- Rinse 2 -- Dehydration oven (80-110℃) -- Automatic Powder Coating -- Leveling -- Powder Curing (16--20 minutes, 180~220℃) -- coolin -- Unloading

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