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Metal Door Powder Coating Line

COLO supplies full powder coating line for metal doors, including automatic powder coating reciprocator and spray gun, powder spray booth and powder curing oven, ranges from small scale to batch production.
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Metal Door Powder Coating Line

COLO Metal Door Powder Coating line is adapted to treat various types of metal doors, provides optimum surface treatment. The simple-operation and automated powder coating process reduces the waste of labor and time which saves production cost. 

Powder coating line is a process including multi steps, parts pass through a powder coating line on a conveyor system to maximize turnaround times without sacrificing the high-quality powder coating effect. Automated powder coating lines increase productivity for high volumes projects and can handle more parts simultaneously. 

metal doors powder coating line

1. Powder Coating System

Powder coating lines use conveyor systems to transport metal doors directly into the powder coating system. This powder coating system includes automatic powder coating reciprocator and spray gun, central control cabinet. Full-automatic operation, simple control, reliable security are the most advantages. 

automatic powder spray gun

COLO-191S Automatic Powder Spray Guns and Cabinet 

1. COLO-08 auto spray gun body is made of anti-static material, features wear-resistant, safe and long-life.

2. Built-in 100kv cascade ensures safe operation whilst maximizes transfer efficiency and reduces powder consumption.

3. COLO-191S controller with advanced digital valve control technology adjust powder output precisely for uniform coating.

4. There are 3 pre-set application modes: flat-coating for large plates, corner-coating for complex parts, re-coating for repairing jobs. Also support to store 20 personalized application programs for powder coating different shaped parts.

5. Auto spray guns are worked together under a central control cabinet, which sets all processing parameters conveniently. 


PLC reciprocator

Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator

1. COLO-2200D automatic powder coating reciprocator gives more gentle and accurate movement, increases uniformity and quality in continuous coating jobs. 

2. Speed and stroke length can be set on the PLC controller touch screen, supports to store 20 programs for selecting suitable setting. 

3. Japanese imported frequency convertor with reliability and flexibility which is in order to achieve high quality powder coating.

4. Up to 12 pcs spray gun can be carried with high stability, both applied to powder coating or wet painting.

2. Powder Coating Booth

COLO mono cyclone powder coating booth is the initial selection in automatic powder coating line, booth body is made of engineering plastic, this is an anti-static material which is able to avoid absorbtion of powders, maximizes the spraying efficiency and reduces powder waste.

cyclone powder coating boothFeatures of Cyclone Powder Coating Booth

1. Oversprayed powder is collected in the collector under the cyclone, recyclable powder is feed back to the system and mixed with new powder, unrecyclable and superfine powder is absorbed by filters.

2. High-precsion and long-life filters as the secondary recovery system is capable of capturing the dust even 0.1 micron, ensures only dustless air discharged to atmosphere.

3. Mono cyclone device achieves the recycling efficiency of powder up to 98%, greatly saves powder cost.

4. Booth bottom is optional to be designed with automatic plate turnover device or pulse cleaning air device ensures no powder accumulation on the bottom.

3. Powder Coating Curing Oven

The last step adheres powder to the metal doors. The conveyor system moves doors from powder coating system to an appropriately heated powder coating oven, after heating to get a sleek, uniform and durable coat.

powder coating oven

Features of Powder Coating Oven

1. Powder coating ovens are built with 100mm rockwool board for good insulation effect.

2. Taking gas/diesel as fuel has high heating rate, temperature reach to 180 ° C in 15-20 minutes. 

3. A circulaltion fan makes temperature evenly distribute in chamber to make sure metal doors get uniform heated.

4. Temperature, time and other processing parameters are controlled on the PLC panel.

Customer Case of Metal Door Powder Coating line

This is COLO designed, manufactured and installed Automatic Metal Doors Powder Coating Line for Malaysia Customer.  Powder Spraying is automatic, powder spray booth supports both automatic and manual operation, and automatically sending metal doors to the curing oven.

Based on:

 1. Workshop area: 47 x 8 x 3.85m

 2. Workpieces size: H2500 xW 1000mm *T150mm/W3000*H1000mm*T150mm

 3. Weight of workpiece: 100kgs

metal door powder coating line

Production Procedure:

1. Dipping pretreatment → 2. Drying oven → 3. Uploading → 4. Workpieces into spray booth→ 5. After spraying the workpieces will go into the curing oven(20~25min, 180~200℃)→ 6. Go out of the oven, and natural cooling→ 7. Unloading workpieces.