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Automated Powder Painting Line for Fast Color Change

COLO automated powder coat painting line for our Philippine clients includes 2pcs MONO CYCLONE powder spray booth, powder coating machine and reciprocator, powder supply equipment, bridge tunnel curing oven and conveyor system.
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Automated Powder Painting Line for Fast Color Change

Our automatic powder coating lines are adapted to treat various types of industrial products. This automatic powder painting line is ideal for fast color change, it includes 2 pcs cyclone powder spray booth that can be used alternately to achieve fast color change and greatly improve production efficiency.

Automatic Powder Coating Line Customer Case

This automatic powder coating line is designed for our customers in the Philippines, they apply it to powder coat aluminum profiles and metal frames, sheet metal, etc.

powder coating line
powder coating line

Automatic Powder Painting Line Components

Automatic 800D

COLO-800D Automatic Powder Spray Guns and Cabinet

1. COLO-08 auto spray gun body is made of anti-static material, features wear-resistant, safe and long-life.

2.  Voltage can be flexibly adjusted from 0-100kv,  the voltage and amperage values will be shown on the digital display for easy and accurate reading.

3. There are 3 pre-set application modes: flat-coating for large plates, corner-coating for complex parts, re-coating for repairing jobs.

4. Auto spray guns are worked together under a central control cabinet, which sets all processing parameters conveniently.


Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator

1.The spraying stroke and speed can be adjusted on the control panel, the operation is simple, and 80 sets of spraying modes can be stored.

2.Up to 12 automatic spray guns can be installed, which can be reasonably matched and installed according to production requirements.

3.Driven by high-precision wear-resistant metal chain, smooth and accurate operation, avoid powder waste.

4.Sturdy construction could adapt to continual load everyday operational conditions.


Mono Cyclone Powder Coating Booth

1.Oversprayed powder is collected in the collector under the cyclone, recyclable powder is feed back to the system and mixed with new powder, unrecyclable and superfine powder is absorbed by filters.

2. High-precsion and long-life filters as the secondary recovery system is capable of capturing the dust even 0.1 micron, ensures only dustless air discharged to atmosphere.

3. Mono cyclone device achieves the recycling efficiency of powder up to 98%, greatly saves powder cost.

Work size Width1800*Depth5000*Height2100 mm
Door open size Width1100*Height2100mm
Voltage 220V / 50-60HZ
Rotatory wing Filters 32 sets Dia . 325 *600mm

1.3mm diameter SS304

Air fan motor Ipc,22KW. 14000-18000M3/H air flow


Bridge Tunnel Curing Oven

1.Tunnel ovens are used for powder coating lines in which the workparts are conveyed continuously or stop-go forward by the conveyor.

2.Curing Tunnel is made of 100mm rock wool board with galvanized steel wall, features durable and heat-resistent.

3.Quickly and uniformly raise to required temperature up to 250'C, increase production efficiency.

4.Heating source can be electric, gas or diesel, the latter is more recommended for economical expense.

Work size L20*W ( 3.8-3 )*H2.5meter
Wind curtains Fan 2 sets with 5. 5KW motor
Materal 100mm thick heat resisting rock wool board
RIELLO BURNER 1000000kcal Diesel bumer or 700000kcal LPG bumer

Why Choose COLO Powder Coating Lines?

We manufacture efficient powder coating line to meet the various requirements of our customers. We make sure to use the latest technology and have been praised by customers from all over the world. We believe that our quality will bring you a good shopping experience.

Our products are durable, easy to install, easy to clean and low cost. Our powder coatings are quality approved materials purchased from market leading suppliers and these products are checked for various quality parameters. If you have any needs, you can also let us know, we can customize it according to your requirements.