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LPG Tank Powder Coating Line

  • T/T,L/C 

  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

Automatic Powder Coating Line for LPG Tank

This powder coating line is specially designed to provide surface treatment for LPG tank or other cylinder shape parts. The whole process of LPG Tank automaic powder coating Including:

1. Feed your LPG tank on crane hanger for the preparation for chemical cleaning

2. Drying off oven to remove surface moisture (100-120 Celsuis for 10 mins).   

3. Transfer the pre-treated objects to the powder coating line.   

4. Powder coating application with spray guns.   

5. Powder curing (180-200 Celsuis for 20 mins).   

6. Finished product discharging.  



1) Pretreatmentt Process

For LPG tank, we recommend dipping pre-treatment, which is based on chemical reaction principle, workpieces immerse into the tank, base material reacts with the liquid in the tank, grease, scale, dust on the surface of the workpieces are removed, which provides excellent high adhesive surface for subsequent powder coating.

Dipping tank cleaning includes degreasing, rinsing, surface conditioning, phosphating, etc.

powder coating gun mover

Powder Coating System

Auto spray guns installed in the reciprocators achieve continual and uniform powder coating, whose moving speed and stroke can be adjusted for precise demands. Reciprocating powder coating move to a new level of efficiency and quality,

The automatic powder spray guns are worked under a central control cabinet to easily set all processing parameters. Custom quantity of auto guns based on actual products and application.

Manual repair powder coating is necessary in order to make a extremely perfect finish

cyclone powder spray booth

Automatic Powder Coating Booth

For single colors, it is recommended to choose basic in-line automatic powder coating booth to save budget.

For multi colors, cyclone powder booth is the initial choice of fast color change, it is designed to maximize recycling rate and cleaning efficiency. Cyclone work together with filter system to complete the powder recycling, oversprayed qualified powder is collected in the hopper under the cyclone, while the ultrafine powders are delivered to the filter to finish the last recycle, which achieves the air-powder separation efficiency up to 98%, a great saving of powders.

powder coating oven

Powder Coating Oven

Powder coating ovens are built with 100mm thick rock wool board to prevent temperature dropping, gas/diesel burner enables quick heating, circualtion fan motor makes uniform heat distribution, temperature reach to to 180 ° C for baking 15-20 minutes. Temperature, time and other processing parameters are controlled at a PLC panel.