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Automatic Electrostatic Powder Coating Line

This fully automatic powder coating line is designed by COLO for our USA customer for the application of warehouse pallet racks, which greatly improved production and saved labor.
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Automatic Electrostatic Powder Coating Line

It is a fully automatic electrostatic powder coating line includes pretreatment washer, automatic coating equipment, drying and curing tunnel oven cyclone recovery booth, automatic conveyor system suitable for high production rate and minimize labor cost. 

Automatic Electrostatic Powder Coating Line Components

pretreatment washer

Spray Washing Pre-treatment system

1.Suitable for fully automatic painting line, the spraying tunnel is by using many spraying nozzles and circulation pump to spray chemicals onto the processed objects.

2.This process is suitable for big production capacity requirement.

3.The spraying tunnel normally requires 316L Stainless Steel to be fabricated, there for the investment is relatively high.

powder coating reciprocator

Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator

1.The moving stroke and speed can be adjusted on the control panel, the operation is simple, and 80 sets of spraying modes can be stored.

2.Up to 12 automatic spray guns can be installed, which can be reasonably matched and installed according to production.

3.Driven by high-precision wear-resistant metal chain, smooth and accurate operation, avoid powder waste.

Central Control Cabinet

Central Control Cabinet

1. Module design, can be tailored to customer's demands, allows to install Max. 24 control units,

2. Achieving integrated control of all powder gun controllers on a host unit.

3. Can integrate with COLO reciprocators, part sensing system for highest efficiency. Most suitable for high speed converised powder coating lines with consistent uniform film thickness.

4. Particularly suitable for users who switch from manual application to automatic powder coating.

powder coating (2)

Automatic Powder Feed Center

1. Highest cleaning efficiency due to automatic cleaning of all powder-carrying components.

2. Efficient color changes thanks to the fully automated application ensures.

3. Integrated control of all components of the powder coating line.

4. Powder level detection ensure constantly available powder quantity.

5. Ultrasonic sieving of fresh and recovery powder for maximum sieving performance.

automatic spray booth

Automatic Powder Coating Cyclone Booth

1.Color changes are speeded up because the booth can be cleaned much faster and greatly increase production efficiency.

2.As less powders accumulates on the wall and deposit particles can be easily removed, more overspray powders recovered and reused.

3.During color change the operator does not need to remove thick layers of powder inside the booth.Healthier and more environmentally friendly.


Drying and Curing Tunnel Oven

1.Tunnel ovens are used for drying after pretreatment washing, and as curing ovens for powder coating heating, suitable for continuous operation in automatic assembly lines.

2.The products sprayed in these ovens used in conveyor automation equipment are continuously processed at the required temperature and time.

3.Maximum powder coating efficiency is obtained with high capacities by means of those systems.

Why Choose COLO Powder Coating Lines?

We manufacture efficient powder coating line to meet the various requirements of our customers. We make sure to use the latest technology and have been praised by customers from all over the world. We believe that our quality will bring you a good shopping experience.

Our products are durable, easy to install, easy to clean and low cost. Our powder coatings are quality approved materials purchased from market leading suppliers and these products are checked for various quality parameters. If you have any needs, you can also let us know, we can customize it according to your requirements.