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Automatic Powder Coating Line in Mexico

Automatic powder coating line designed according to the Mexico customer's requirements for high output and get two different color with double automatic powder coating spray booth.
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Automatic Powder Coating Line in Mexico

Automatic powder coating line designed according to the Mexico customer's requirements for high output and get two different color with double automatic powder coating spray booth.

Applied to the internal and external spraying of fan motor cover, the output can reach 300 pieces every 8 hours.

It including two automatic powder spray booth, custom powder coating oven and automatic powder coating reciprocator, overhead conveyor, powder seiving machine.

Automatic Powder Coating Line Components


Powder Coating Overhead Conveyor System

Overhead conveyor system is the most commonly used solution for wet paint or powder coating finishing. The type of conveyor selected for your operation will depend on the weight, size and even the shape of the items being transported. We we can design whole conveyor system specially for your needs.

Conveyor System Specifications

Total length
Means of delivery
Double point hanging
Single point load
Drive unit
1 set
Tension system
1 set
Urgent stop unit
4 sets

Automatic Powder Coating System

Automatic Powder Coating System

COLO-2000D reciprocator with COLO-191s automatic powder coating gun is a perfect set for automatic powder coating , the failure rate is low, frequent maintenance is not required, the service life is long, and the spraying quality is excellent.

Usually, the automatic filter powder spray booth is used in conjunction with the powder sieving machine, which can substantially reduce labour cost & eliminate wastage.


Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator

1.The moving stroke and speed can be adjusted on the control panel, the operation is simple, and 80 sets of spraying modes can be stored.

2.Up to 12 automatic spray guns can be installed, which can be reasonably matched and installed according to production.

3.Driven by high-precision wear-resistant metal chain, smooth and accurate operation, avoid powder waste.

COLO-2000D Automatic Reciprocator Specifications

Model COLO-2000D
Power Supply AC 220V/110V 50-60hz
Motor Power 0.75 kW
Speed 0-0.8m/s(0-50m/min)
Acceleration 1 m/s
Max. Loading Capacity 25 kg
Controller Digital
Motor Frequency Adjustable
Stroke 2m
Qty of Spray Guns Loading 2-12 pcs

Automatic Powder Sieving Machine

Automatic Powder Sieving Machine

1.  Installing sieving mesh with hoop and sealing strip, eliminates noise andprevents leakage.

2.  Made of 2.5mm Coated iron, sturdy and durable.  Compact structure is easyto move and saves space.

3. Durable stainless steel sieving mesh has a variety of sizes for sieving the different powder particles.

4. Mounted with big capacity powder hopper supports continuous production.

Automatic Powder Sieving Machine Specifications

Model COLO-3000-S
Weight 22 kg
Voltage 220V / 110V
Power 50 W
Operating Frequency 50 Hz
Motor Rotation positive and reverse can be
Powder Tank 55*55 cm or 68*68cm

Automatic Powder Coating Booth


1. Double filter stage recovery systems effectively capture oversprayed powder, 0.1micron high precision filters ensures only particle-free air discharged outside.

2. Pulse-jet automatic filter cleaning technology takes full utilization of powders and prolong filters' lifespan for many years.

3. A recovery hopper beneath the filter stage can be taken away for manually collection or connected with automatic powder recycling system.

4. All functions, parameters can be flexiblely controlled on the PLC panel, such as fan start, filter cleaning, booth cleaning.

COLO-0825 Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Model COLO-S-0825
Operating Dimensions Width1120 * Height2000 * Depth4000mm
Overall dimensions Width3869 * Height3063 * Depth5000mm  
Power Supply 220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ
Fan Power 5.5kw, 2 sets
Filter Count 12 pcs(2 stages), Quick-release Type
Filter Material Polyester
Filter Cleaning Pneumatic

Customized Powder Coating Oven

Customized Powder Coating Oven

1. Completely new 100mm thickness rock wool board is perfectly to keep the temperature inside of oven which is very important.

3. It's a convection oven with indirect heating type,use heating exchange(stainless steel),more clean heat air and long life span.

4. PLC control system to operate the oven heating performance easily and precisely.

5. COLO powder coating ovens are designed to safely and efficiently cure previously applied powder coating media.

Custom Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Worksize dimensions Length8800 * Width4300* Height2430 mm
Overall dimensions Length14500 * Width6750 * Height3900 mm
Heating method Electric
Electric heating tube power 3kw (180pcs)
Voltage 380V/220v
Frequency 50-60hz
Warm-up time 15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature stability < ± 3-5°C
Temperature max 250° C
Ventilation performance 9500-12000m3/h
Fan Motor power 7.5kw  (2 Set)
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical Variable through holes on the walls
Warranty 12 months

Why Choose COLO Powder Coating Lines?

We manufacture efficient powder coating line to meet the various requirements of our customers. We make sure to use the latest technology and have been praised by customers from all over the world. We believe that our quality will bring you a good shopping experience.

Our products are durable, easy to install, easy to clean and low cost. Our powder coatings are quality approved materials purchased from market leading suppliers and these products are checked for various quality parameters. If you have any needs, you can also let us know, we can customize it according to your requirements.