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How to build a powder coating oven?

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Powder coating oven is used to heat sprayed objects at a fixed temperature, causing the powder to melt uniformly, thus forming a hard and durable coating film when cooled.

An outstanding powder coating oven must be built to meet with technical requirements, such as the curing temperature should be 180°C or up. and can be adjusted based on the characteristic of powders. The temperature raising must be in a short time to ensure the efficiency, and the temperature difference should be at a certain range value in order to get a uniform and quality finish. Other elements such as insulation effect, engery consumption also should be take into consideration.

You can build your powder coating oven to the size you need, and you can also build in some features to make your powder coating more efficient.  This article is to give you a brief introductions what key points you need concerns.

Powder Coating Paint Ovengas powder coating oven

High Efficiency Heating

The powder curing required a high temperature while ovens should be designed with a high efficiency heating system, rapidly raise to required temperature, normally 180°C for heating 15-30min, max reach to 250°C. An electric powder coating oven is installed with electric heating tubes which is simple to use and maintain, while gas or diesel curing oven is heated through fuels burning, they are much more energy-saving.

Uniform Heat Distribution

Another point is the curing chamber requires uniform hot air to ensure a high quality cure with consistent gloss and colour, thus a circulation fan achieves forced convection of inner airflow. The power capacity of the fan varies from different oven dimensions. The temperature stability should be less than 5°C.

Effective Heat Preservation

To keep a warm condition, as there should be a minimal temperature drop in the recirculated air, the oven material should be good at heat insulatiom. Nomally powder coating oven is construction rockwool board in 100mm thickness,  while the inner wall is galvanized material that is heat resistent and outwall is durable color steel.

Precise Temperature Control

A quality finish also requires high precision temperature control, an easy-to-access PLC controllor allows you accurately set the desired temperature and heating time, as well as an easy start of fan working. Once the curing time arrive, the oven will stop heating automatically. The control panel also includes a variety of safety devices, such as alarm light and emergency stop buttons. In powder coating line, both spray booth and curing oven can be integrated-controlled in one PLC panel.

Parts leading & Transportation

Supply with trolley and frame for easy carrying and loading even heavy elements. This system will not pollute the inner chamber. The powder coating oven can be also designed with top track to match with conveyor powder coating system.

COLO powder coating ovens are produced based on those benefits. Our standard range curing ovens cover most commercial powder coating products, and a custom oven with specific size and configuration can be provided as well. If you decided to buy a new powder coating oven, you can contact with us.

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